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The Benefits of School Trips

Although many see school trips as just a fun day out, they actually have a variety of learning benefits to children that cannot be disregarded. In taking students out of their usual classroom environment they are able to absorb information, interact with other and with each other and be immersed in culture and history. I have teamed up with a prep school in Hertfordshire to explore these benefits further.



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Every now and again, teachers struggle to fully engage all of their students, making school trips a great opportunity for the class to reignite a passion for learning together. Bringing the subject to life in a visual way allows children to recall the experience long after the trip is over. What’s more, school trips allow students to work as a team outside of their normal environment. Allowing them to have fun and make memories.

School Trips

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Global travel and even UK-based travel can expose students to new cultures, cuisines and traditions. It’s important for young people to open their eyes to people’s differences and shape a positive perspective on an international level. These sorts of experiences may also help trigger certain ideas that may not otherwise stem from their comfort zones. As well as these cultural differences, school trips help students gain a deeper understanding of the hardships faced by others, both now and throughout history. This is something that cannot be truly portrayed through text books.

Other Benefits

Another benefit of school trips is that strong bonds are created amongst the students and with their teachers. They also challenge the shyer children to engage and step out of their comfort zones. This helps them build their confidence and teachers often notice increased classroom involvement after a trip.

The Benefits of School Trips

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