What are the Benefits of Sports in Schools?

What are the Benefits of Sports in Schools?

Sports and physical education at school offers a number of benefits to children. It not only supports students’ health and fitness, but it also helps to develop various character traits and skills, such as teamwork and resilience. For many families PE is a hugely important part of school life because they may not have a garden or enough space at home for children to run around and exercise.

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An Independent School in Oxfordshire explores the many benefits school sports have to offer children below

Personal development

Within P.E. lessons, students take part in a range of physical activities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. These activities also help children to grow in confidence by developing a number of personal skills. As children get better at certain sports and their hard work begins to pay off on the field, it will cultivate a growth-mind set. This positive attitude will transpire in all other aspects of your child’s education and personal life. Older kids, in particular, will be able to evaluate their own performances and make room for improvement.


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Another benefit of sporting activities in school is the teamwork involved. Working as a group to achieve a shared objective helps children with their ability to communicate effectively while highlighting the importance of partnership. Being part of a team allows students to develop close relationships with others and leaves them with a strong support system of friends they can trust.

Mental health

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Physical activity has been proven to relieve stress because it produces endorphins. Endorphins are known as the body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals because they stimulate feelings of pleasure and well-being. Stress is inevitable in a school environment, where students are working hard and striving for good grades. This means that sport is a great way for children to take a break from the pressures of school life. Exercise is also proven to improve alertness and concentration, which means students go back to their lessons feeling more alert and reading for more learning.

What are the Benefits of Sports in Schools?

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