Life In A Lockdown Linky – Week 29

Life In A Lockdown Linky - Week 29

We are now in week 29 of Lockdown and things are tightening up again.  I have been taking part in this linky since week 1.

I have seen us go into lockdown, live through lockdown and then start to come out of lockdown.  Now we are over 6 months into the virus and lockdowns are happening again.  Hopefully we will start to come out again and not return.

So how has this week been for us?

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1) How are you feeling/coping?

We have finally had the Consultants letter and after having to make a telephone call to speak to our GP.  Then explain what the letter meant and what the plan was, they finally prescribed the new medication.  We started her on Friday with the new medication, and decreasing one of her other medications.  As it is still early days, C is struggling a bit with the side effects and it is also wiping her out.  We were aware this would happen, hopefully they will start to ease up soon.

We are busy as currently gutting out C’s bedroom and redecorating (still trying to choose colours).  We are also rearranging her bedroom and getting new furniture which has kept me busy,

I am not liking the new stricter measures coming in, as I just want this to be over.  I am worrying about it more now than I was at the beginning.  I think it is due to having another grandchild due in the next month and the world she is coming into.   I really can see the whole country being in total lockdown in the coming weeks.

2) What have you been up to over the past 7 days?

We did have a trip to Ikea last Tuesday looking at bedroom furniture.  We went in the afternoon and it was lovely and quiet.  Although I did get annoyed and did voice my opinion at three young women without masks messing about, running about all over the place.  Not one member of staff said anything to them.

3) What do you think the coming weeks and months might hold for you (or the world)?

I can see a full lockdown coming on.  I really do not know what the answer is as we were told face masks will help to combat the virus, but it has not.  So full lockdown seems the logical way to go.

4) If you could remind yourself something about this time in years to come what would it be?

Do not take anything for granted.  Before this all started we never realised just how much freedom we had, how we could see our friends and family, go out and have fun without even thinking about it.

5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.

Nothing, although I do have a huge shopping list to buy this week.  All decorating and bedroom furniture. I have been online window shopping and found Iced Out Jewellery who have a lovely range of Hip Hop Jewellery that one of my boys would love, so Christmas shopping is under way

6) What is a unique (or not) technique you have used to get you through this time?

Taking part in this linky every week, has helped me get my thoughts out.

7) What is something your readers might not know about you?

I used to love dancing when I was younger and used to go to ballroom dance classes and got my certificate in the Cha Cha Cha.  We moved soon after so I never went on to do more.

8) What have you been grateful for over the past 7 days?

My family and friends

Thank you to

Life In A Breakdown

I Always Believed In Futures

Who have been busy hosting this linky.

Life In A Lockdown Linky - Week 29

Life In A Break Down


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  1. We are certainly in tough times and it seems no end in sight anytime soon. We have to do what we can to get through and stay hopeful for the little ones.

    1. We are in tough times, and I really can not see it ending for a long time. All we can do is stay hopefully there is an end to it and stay safe

  2. I hope the meds change really helps C in the long term, changing over can be so hard can’t it as it can bring on more side effects.

    1. The side effects are horrible, she is starting to be more alert in the late afternoons, then we come off her old ones and full strength of the new ones after two weeks so go through it all again. So far there is no difference

  3. We have more cases here now than we did in the first wave of Coronavirus. It is a worry but I want a full lockdown again too, even if it’s just for a few weeks to get the virus more under control.
    I am glad you got the consultants letter. Good luck with the new medication. I hope the side effects wear off soon. x

    1. I agree, I was talking to my friend yesterday and she said we should go on full lockdown and maybe we could then enjoy Christmas with our families.
      She is still suffering the side effects, we have two weeks of the new ones and weaning off old ones, and then going on full strength of the new ones

  4. I would have learnt to ballroom dance when I was younger. I envy the dancers on Strictly Come Dancing. It looks so much fun

  5. We’re not locking back down yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if we did soon and I half believe we should. Numbers are rising again here and some people just don’t take it seriously. I am grateful my boys have their health.

    1. I was talking to my friend yesterday, she said we should go on lockdown now and then families might be able to get together for Christmas

  6. I definitely agree that we’ve all learnt to not take anything for granted. When things return to normal in the future, we’ll never take it for granted again.

  7. I am so pleased you managed to get everything sorted regarding the letter and C’s medication etc, hopefully some of the side effects will start wearing off from it soon too. The bedroom rejog sounds great and a trip to IKEA always cheers me up lol! x

    1. She is struggling with the side effects although seems to be more alert late afternoons at the moment which is a good sign. Another week and then we take her off one lot completely and full dose of the new meds. I have managed to talk hubby into doing our bedroom as well as C’s and a trip to Ikea was great need to go again now though although I might not get him to agree to that

  8. Love this and yes I completely agree with you that you can not take anything for granted these days, as you never know xx

    1. It is strange that things we used to just take for granted, we now can not. No one saw this coming and hopefully it wont be forever and we can get back to some sort of normality

  9. Glad you finally got the consultants letter and hopefully the side effects of the new meds wear off soon. Thanks again for linking up x

  10. I hope the new medications start working for your daughter soon. I can feel a full lockdown coming too, just hope it is after half term as we have plans to go away

  11. I feel a full lockdown is imminent and will be happening sooner than we think. Agree about not taking things such as shopping for granted again, things are so different now compared to how it used to be

  12. I agree with you about not taking things for granted. When lockdown first started, I never noticed how easy it was to just pop to the shop when you ran out of milk or bread!

  13. I was going to decorate my daughters bedroom this half term, but leaving it till the New year now, as money has been tight, because of Covid

  14. I honestly feel like a full lockdown is going to be the only thing preventing cases from getting even more out of control. I wish people worn their masks properly, I see more people with them on wrong than right when I have to go out. We are only out for school and that’s it and honestly if I had the choice I would want to do remote learning for the rest of the year at least.

    1. I get so angry with people not wearing masks or wearing them properly, I agree I think a full lockdown is what is needed

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