I am a horrible Mum today

I need to change my title from Stressed Mum to Mean Mum or Horrible Mum.

We are pretty laid back parents with our Daughter. She is good and does not (well yet anyway), cause us too many problems. We are however strict where homework etc comes in.

The Dreaded Homework

Everyday, it is the same conversations about homework, Have you got any? When does it need to be in by? What have you got to do? We have even brought her a white board and put it up, and I marked it Monday –  Friday.  The rule is if she has homework I want it done 2 days before it is due in. That way she is spreading it out and then does not need to stress about it the night before.

The same with sorting her books out for school. I ask her to do it the night before, so she is not rushing about in the mornings and forgetting things.

You would think this was easy and straight forward. Well not to my nearly 12 year old it is not. And I lost it with her last night, I was so angry.

She was trying to do 2 different pieces of homework (same subject). Which should have been done over the past 2-3 weeks, which I should have known as I am a mind reader.

It looked rubbish and rushed.  I did lose it with her I came down hard as she has to learn. Everyone hates homework, I used to hate homework, but it is there for a reason and whether she likes it or not it has to be done.

She knows if she gets a detention at school for anything in her control, she will get consequences at home, ie homework not being done etc.

I took her iPad away from her, she can get it back tonight after she has done her homework and sorted her bag out.

Think I am going to quite like being the Mean Mum.

I just do not get her attitude though, surely it is best to get it done and out of the way.


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