Hills Science Review

Hills Science Review

You will have seen my post yesterday, where I introduced my boys to you. Sharing about their cheeky and funny ways.  To keep them fit and healthy, their diet is also important.  So when I was offered the chance to review Hills Science dog food.  I could not say no.

About Hills Science

Hills Science Plan comes in a variety of plans, so you need to select the right one for your dog.  I am going to be talking about the Adult Advanced Fitness Light Larg Breed with Chicken.

This is a food for large breed adult dogs that weight above 25kg.  One bowl of Hills Science Plan contains high quality, easily digestible ingredients, which has a higher nutrional value than a bowl of ordinary dog food.

  • Hill’s Canine Adult Large Breed Light Chicken is especially designed for the energy requirements and the nutritional needs of dogs requiring fewer calories
  • Contains 37% less fat and 18% less calories than Science Plan Adult Large Breed
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and shiny fur
  • Reduced energy density prevents weight gain
  • Hill’s unique mixture of antioxidants strengthens the immune system
  • Glucosamines and chondroitin from natural sources support joint health in older dogs
  • High amounts of natural fibre aid digestion
  • L-carnitine increases energy conversion and reduces fat storage

Introducing the food

We decided Bear would be the one we featured and who will carry out the review.  Unforuntately Max wanted to get involved so he is posing with the food as well.  Yes these are the best pictures I could get as they would not stay still.

Bear used to have trouble with his digestive system, when trying new foods and some other brands.  So we were interested to see how he would cope with the new food.

As with anytime you introduce a new food to your dog, add it into their normal food and slowly increase so they can adjust.  He loved the food and took to it straight away with no problems at all.

He has been on this soley now, and can not get his nose in his bowl quick enough, he is full of energy and no problems at all adjusting.

As I said you will need to view their full range to ensure that you get the correct food for your dog.  We have now also purchased some for our Mal and he has also had no problems.

If you have a dog who has problems with their weight, or digestive system I would recommend giving this food a try.


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    1. So good to know! I always see this brand and wonder if it’s good. Our boys have crazy allergies, so we need to do all the research!

  1. Max and Bear seemed to love their new food as they are willing to pose with it :-). Is this cooked are dried raw food? I feed my dogs the Ziwi Peak Beef which is air dried raw beef. All my three dogs love it, no allergies, itching, etc. But it is so expensive, the biggest bag only last them 13 days, so I’m on the lookout for other possible alternative.

  2. Good to know your dogs adjusted well! I definitely agree with your advice to switch your dogs (or any pet) slowly to a new food. The first time we ever switched food, we just went straight from A to B and poor dog had a lot of upset stomach. Now we transition over a couple weeks slowly adding more new food to the mix and all is well!

  3. I have a small dog so I will check if Hill science has a formulation for smaller breeds. I will recommend this to my brother too. He has a labrador named Phideaux (Fido) and I am sure he will love this new dog food.

  4. This is the brand we used with our dogs when I was a kid. My malamute has some stomach issues and I have been trying to find the right food. Perhaps this one will do!

  5. I will have to check them out. I know I get organic food for my dog and it seems to be the only one he is ok with. Very sensitive stomach. But It’s been good to him.

    1. This is a great food and the way to try them on something new is to slowly add it into their usual food. Our German Shepherd has a sensitiv stomach and he has been fine with the new food

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