Happy 4th Blog Anniversary

Happy 4th Blog Anniversary

Ok the official date was 7th, so a couple of days late, but StressedMum is now 4 years old.  I had no idea when I started my journey how far it would take me, so feel very proud and priviledged that I am still here. Leys say Happy 4th Blog Anniversary.

At the beginning

When I first started StressedMum, my thoughts for my blog where a lot different to what they are today.  C was just about to leave Primary School, full of excitement about starting her brand new journey into Secondary School.  I was looking forward to saying goodbye to the school runs and having more time on my hands.


Last few days in Primary School

This is where I started with the tag line ‘The ups and downs of living with a tween’.  Where I would share the tears and tantrums and the fun and laughter we had. Sharing our daily tales and scaring some with younger children.

Things Changed

Little did we know at the time how precious these smiles and times where, even the tantrums and arguments.  Over the Summer holidays my parents took her on a Disney Cruise.  She had a great time until the last day where she became ill, and came home poorly.  We all thought it was just a bug and she seemed to recover (looking back she did not fully recover).

She started Secondary School and loved it, she settled in well and had great reports.  She got tired and would text me to pick her up as she was too tired to get the bus.  We put it down to the extra work, longer studying etc.

On New Years Eve she crashed her legs gave way, her head hurt and 4 years on she is still ill.  She had Glandular Fever and through this suffers with a Chronic illness.

Changing Direction

This was all unfamiliar to us, and my blog had to change as no one wants to read about how ill C is daily, and how quiet she is.  Gone are the tantrums and arguments.  I do still write about her and things we have done, but also have the opportunity to write about Chronic Illness and highlight the illness and just how lacking support is.

Also we have become grandparents, and this is a role I am loving and C although mortified at becoming an Aunt at 13, adores her role.  The spark in her eyes and the way her face lights up melts my heart.

Thank you

A huge thank you goes to you all, for following me along my journey, for supporting me and the lovely messages you have sent me.  I could not carry on without your support, so this post is me saying thank you and here’s to many more years.

Happy 4th Blog Anniversary

Happy 4th Blog Anniversary

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Comments (23)

  • Kim Carberry 8 months ago Reply

    Happy birthday to your blog.
    So much has changed for you over the 4 years. I hope C is doing OK x

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, it has been a busy 4 years, she is slightly better at the moment so hoping it continues x

  • Elena Toma 8 months ago Reply

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I never heard about Glandular Fever before. Life comes to us with some many ups and downs !

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    I had Glandular Fever years ago it was awful but luckily I recovered, life does throw a lot of ups and downs x

  • Kemi 8 months ago Reply

    Glad things are looking up for you and the family. Tell C being an aunt is so much fun lol.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you and she adores being an aunt x

  • Pia 8 months ago Reply

    Happy blog anniversary. May your blog keep flourishing for 10 times longer years. Cheers

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you x

  • pooja Malkani 8 months ago Reply

    Wow! completing four year is so amazing. Congrats and good luck! Many more years to come.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you am looking forward to the next year x

  • Alexandra Cook 8 months ago Reply

    Happy 4th year of blogging. It was such a great milestone to come this far. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you I am looking forward to the future as well x

  • Viano Dee 8 months ago Reply

    Congrats. Keep soaring. I hope C is better now. I pray for strength and grace for you to rise above whatever obstacles life has put in front of you. Much love

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra 8 months ago Reply

    Happy blog anniversary! I love to read stories like this. It encourages me to keep going and follow my passion! Hope to read more new posts from you soon!

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts x

  • Annemarie LeBlanc 8 months ago Reply

    Congratulations and wishing you more years of happy blogging! It may be difficult at first, but doing what you love, sharing what you believe in and following your passion is truly a rewarding experience!

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, and you are right, at first you have so many ideas and thoughts, but along the way you find your feet and direction x

  • fashionandstylepolice 8 months ago Reply

    Happy 4th anniversary. I have read your blog for many years and I love it. Cheers to more blogging years.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you and hopefully you continue to enjoy reading and following x

  • Clarice 8 months ago Reply

    Happy Blog Anniversary! Stories like this just inspire me to continue blogging. I am also thinking of changing directions and happy to know that it is okay to do so. Thank you for sharing your blogging journey with us. Looking forward to more posts.

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you, blogging is hard and you can sometimes get lost my change in direction was natural but finding your niche and direction is important x

  • Beth 8 months ago Reply

    Happy 4th blog birthday! Sounds like a lot has happened in those 4yrs and I’m so sorry to hear about C’s glandular fever hope she’s doing ok. Xxx

    admin 8 months ago Reply

    Thank you a lot has happened over the past 4 years Especially adapting to C’s illness x

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