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How To Make Stressful School Runs A Thing Of The Past!

Search online, and you’ll come across thousands of articles, forum posts, and even social media pages telling parents how to ease their kids into school. Let’s face it: sooner or later, every parent will have a child that declares how they are no longer going to school!

Usually, the reasons for such unenthusiasm stem from stress, bullying, or just plain tiredness due to lack of sleep. But, something most online sources don’t talk about is the mere act of transporting one’s offspring to school each morning.


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Have you ever noticed how some days you feel like you’re tasked with taking the child from hell to school, and others are fine? If you want to make all your school runs like the latter scenario, here are some tips on making stressful school runs a thing of the past:

Have a strict bedtime and breakfast routine

Yes, some people reading this might think that having a strict bedtime and breakfast routine is easier said than done. But, if you keep persevering with it, your efforts won’t go unrewarded.

Tiredness should be one less excuse for kids to avoid going to school each day if they go to bed and wake up, have breakfast, and get ready at certain times. That will, of course, alleviate the stress of ensuring your children get to school on time!

Make your mode of transport more comfortable

It’s no secret that Britain isn’t exactly known for its year-round sunshine. On a dreary Monday morning, the last thing most kids want to do is walk to school in torrential showers. So, how can you (and your kids) overcome that problem?

The answer is simple: transport your kids to school in a car that is comfortable, safe, and reliable. These days, you can buy a used Mercedes Benz, for example, at the same price as something like a Ford Focus estate.

Bribery also works if all else fails

Sometimes you will have no choice but to unashamedly bribe your offspring into going to school! Still, you have control over what incentive you offer to your kids if they refuse to get ready and out of the house.

For instance, you might say if they finish all their homework early that day, they can have an extra hour of screen time in front of the TV. Or you could offer to make their favourite meal for dinner after they get home from school.

Have their school clothes laid out ready for them to wear

Parents will often become preoccupied with things in the morning. And sometimes that can lead to rising stress levels, especially when trying to find clean school uniforms for their kids to wear!

To combat that issue, it makes sense to have your offspring’s school uniform laid out and ready for them to wear in the morning.

Aim to leave ten minutes earlier than usual

One final tip is to adjust the time you and your kids leave the house. Did you know that the mere act of aiming to set off ten minutes earlier than usual means there’s no stress over getting to school late?

How To Make Stressful School Runs A Thing Of The Past!

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