Fantastic Services Review

Fantastic Services Review

Living in a busy household, where there is my family, plus sharing with my parents.  Things can get overlooked.  I do like a clean kitchen, but one area that suffers is the oven.  But I hate cleaning my oven, and get even more annoyed when I have cleaned it and someone uses it and leaves it dirty.

Fantastic Services Review

I recently had the opportunity to review Fantastic Services, and use their oven cleaning service.  I was honestly so excited, my oven was minging and in desperate need of some tlc.

Services Provided

They offer a wide range of services, that covers every job we either hate or just do not have time for.

  • Cleaning
  • Gardening and Landscaping
  • Handyman and Tradesman
  • Pest Control
  • Removals
  • Waste Removal
  • Home Organisation


  • Type in your postcode
  • choose the service you require (I chose cleaning)
  • Choose the type of service you require (I chose oven cleaning)
  • Click get started
  • You then click the options relevant to your oven and additional
  • Then you will be shown available dates and times and the cost

My Opinion

Georgie arrived and was very friendly, polite and professional, he even put covers on his shoes, which I told him he did not need to as my 2 dogs had walked mud in. After showing him the kitchen and left him to do his magic.

I did not take any before photos of my oven, it was far too embarrassing as I am sure you can all relate to. I do try to keep my oven clean, but at times it has been so difficult to clean properly so desperately needed a professional clean.

The Results

As you can see the results are amazing, my oven looks brand new again.  Unfortunately, due to the time I was only able to take quick pics on my phone as needed to start preparing dinner.

It broke my heart to have to use it and I dared everyone not to make a mess.

If you would like to have your oven professionally cleaned, or take advantage of one of the other many services that Fantastic Services offer.  If you use the code StressedMum at the checkout you can claim a discount.



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  1. Omg I wish I knew about this service before! I spent hours cleaning the kitchen in a new house. The oven was the hardest part!

  2. I hate…literally hate…with a passion…cleaning the inside of the oven. They’ve done a great job on it for you. I’d be tempted to try them in the future!

  3. AMAZING I wish I had this type of service in my home town, its always good advice to get some help every once in a while

  4. What a brilliant job he did on your oven. I keep nagging my husband to do mine but he’s never got the time and I can’t physically do mine. This could be the service I need.

  5. Oh my gosh! Im jealous that yours is so clean! He did a good job on yours! Ok what cleanser did he use? Lol jk!

  6. I love to clean, but cleaning my oven and stove is not my favorite. I wish there was a service where I live that could come clean it for me. We do have maid services around, they are quite pricey. I may have to just suck it up and clean it myself. The Fantastic Services did a really good job on your oven! I wouldn’t want to cook for a while after it got clean.

    1. It can be pricey so you do need to look around, I really tried not to use it, but unfortunately my family wanted feeding but it is still looking amazing x

  7. Such a great service and thanks for the coupon too. If you’re recommending then I am sure they provide fantastic services and are very professionals too.

  8. It’s great when we can count on services (public or private) that can help us in our daily routines. It’s what I definitely need today :-O

    1. Oven cleaning is the one job I hate and keep putting off, this is such a great service I don’t know why I never used them sooner x

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