Living with A Chronic Illness

Board Games Are For Everyone

Everyone loves to play a board game. They can turn the most boring of afternoons or evenings into a fun few hours. Where even the most laid back person can show their competitive side.

Apart from the competitive side that comes out in all of us, as we all want to win. Board games are great for those who live with a disability.

Board Games and Disability

Living with a disability at any age is not easy. Simple things we take for granted every day, is suddenly taken from you. Even simple things like taking a shower or having a nice soak in the bath, suddenly become huge hurdles. You find ways to compensate or other solutions to bathing.

Other things we take for granted such as getting dressed, cooking, cleaning and shopping. All have to be re thought out and find solutions too.  It is only when either you are faced with disability yourself or someone close to you, that you understand how difficult it can become.

Playing a board game as a family or on a one-on-one can be so beneficial to everyone

  • Enjoy time as a family
  • Promote the though process of thinking logically
  • Develops our physical and mental health
  • Helps with thought process trying to solve challenges that are facing us

Day to-day life is challenging for everyone, but those with disabilities face added challenges, I see these daily through my Daughter and in some ways my husband, things I just take for granted (or used to) I now have to rethink things, this is around the house to when we are out.

Bathing Solutions understand the difficulties faced with disabilities and offer some amazing solutions to help with bathing or showering, they have also looked further and have written an amazing post on their blog best board games for people with disabilities.

Whether you have disabilities or not, sitting down as a family to play board games is great fun and something we should all be trying to do more.  Why not pop over to see Sarah at Let Them be Small who has highlighted some great family games to play this year.


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