Blogtober 2020 – Smile

Today is day 21 of the Blogtober 2020 challenge.  Where I write a post on a topic given every day for the month of October.

Today the prompt is Smile, so obviously am going to talk about what makes me smile.

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I am very lucky to have an amazing family.  My husband is my soul mate and although drives me mad at times can make me laugh.  Even when I am being a grump he can have me laughing.

My Daughter C, she has faced some major health issues the past 5 years.  But she has not lost her cracking sense of humour.  Although this is not seen in the mornings, as she is very much like me and not a morning person.  She does still have her moments.

My Granddaughter, she is just so funny.  Currently approaching three she is showing her stubborn side.


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I love chocolate, where it is a box of chocolates or a bar of chocolate I do not care.  Although it is not good for my waist line, chocolate does help cheer me up when I am having one of those days.


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I do not function in the mornings until I have had my first cup of coffee.  I am a coffeeholic and love my coffee.  If I take a break I always make a coffee and take 10 minutes to sit and chill while drinking it.


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I have two dogs an Alaskan Malamute and a German Shepherd.  They are both totally different in character but both so funny.  They are also very protective of C and are often found in with her, or popping in through out the day to see she is ok.  They can always put a smile on my face just by their cheeky looks.

What makes you smile?


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  1. what a lovely post, plenty of things to smile about. I’m a cat person rather than a dog person, but it doesn’t matter, pets can always be entertaining and caring.

    1. I have owned cats one of mine I knew from when she was born and had her for 23 years. I can not have cats now as my dogs would scare it too much

  2. We’re big chocolate fans too! My family drives me nuts but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  3. It sounds like you have a lot of positive things going on in your life. Pets definitely cause a lot of happiness. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Lovely post! My list is very similar, although not dogs as I just have a stupid cat! Lol

    Coffee is life right now, it’s perfect for Autumn as well x x

  5. My silly cat Pancake and lovely partner Dann keep a smile on my face on the daily. Chocolates are a good plus too. 😉

  6. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and reflect on what we have. It makes us remember all the lovely things and people who surround us.

  7. Similar things make me smile. My children, my parents, my pets (both mine and the ones I foster) and absolutely coffee.

  8. Coffee definitely makes me smile too! My kids drive me INSANE but they also do make me laugh and smile daily.

  9. I love the toddler age, I work with early years kids and love seeing their stubborn side, you do have to try not to laugh though

    1. A toddlers stubborn side is funny my poor daughter in law gets so apologetic to me when my granddaughter gets stubborn. I don’t think I help by laughing

  10. Chocolate, Coffee and Pets are definitely reasons to make you smile. I have all three now and I’m smiling 😉

  11. Friends and family for sure make me smile, knowing I have people around me who love me makes me very happy. So does a nice treat dinner in a restaurant or a takeaway, anything to not have to cook! x

  12. Having a sense of humour can really help through times like these. They helped me get through months of hospital visits and stays when my eldest was seriously ill.

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