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Stress Shouldn’t Take Over Your Life

Stress is something that can affect us all at some point in our lives. We can feel stressed by work or deadlines that need to be made. Stress from big decisions in our lives such as moving home or starting a family. We can even feel stress in our relationship and day-to-day routine of life thanks to money troubles or issues that just can’t be helped. Stress is a big part of life, but it doesn’t have to overtake your priorities. 

Many people will tell you that they feel stressed. But what people fail to understand is that not dealing with the stress you feel can lead on to other things. Such as depression, anxiety or other mental health problems. There will always be things that cause stress levels to rise. There are things that you can do and change to help reduce them. With that in mind, here are some of the common causes first of all.


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Your work

The workplace can be a tricky one for many. On the one hand, you may absolutely love the job that you do. Feel fulfilled and happy each day, satisfied with a job well done, but the workload and the environment could be the factors that are causing you to feel the feelings of stress. For others, a job is a means to an end. A wage that pays the bills. It isn’t something you love, feel passionate about or has you feeling satisfied in any way. This itself can be the reason you feel stressed and worried, because life is for living, and when you spend a big chunk of your time

doing something you hate, then that can cause you to feel agitated. Work is very common reason people feel stressed, so a great tip is to workout exactly what causes you to feel that way. Knowing the trigger points can help you to feel better about the situation. 

Your relationship

It might be that your relationship is causing you to feel more stressed than happy right now. Most people enter into relationships expecting them to work out. You have the dream of being happily in love with this other person for the rest of your life. Your part of a team, your best friends, you think you can conquer the world together. But for some people, those relationships break down. There can be a variety of reasons why this happens. It might be you fall out of love. You may change as individuals and feel you have little to nothing left in common anymore. It could be that you just have disagreements and don’t seem to get on as much anymore.

The big decision to make is whether to work on the relationships to try to improve things, or whether you need to call it a day and move on with your lives. This can be especially hard if there are children involved, but sometimes parenting separately is better than parenting together in what might have become a very negative environment. Overall, relationships can cause you stress for a variety of reasons, even if you have just had a simple argument. 

Your financial position 

There is no denying that money is a huge factor in people’s lives. We need it in order to survive, to pay out bills, buy the food that we eat and to simply live. So if money is tight, a struggle to obtain, or you are finding it hard to make ends meet. Then there is no doubt why this can be causing you to feel stressed and agitated in your day-to-day life. When it comes to your finances the best advice would be to not bury your head in the sand.

This may sound quite hard not to do, but the more positive actions you take in order to resolve the issue, be that paying debts off or making changes to try to bring in more money, the better you will feel about the situation and be in a position to move forward in a positive way. The stress of your finances can cause you to feel anxious or depressed, and may even have you awake at night worrying. So don’t discard it, it is very common for you to worry about this. 


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Is a lifestyle change the best course of action?

A lifestyle change is something we undertake when we want to improve our lives and well-being. It isn’t just about the food we eat but more about the reasoning behind it. It could be to improve our health or even our fitness. Perhaps have less stress and more energy. Or even just to improve our lives in general and combat the obvious signs of ageing. Whatever your motive may be there is a lifestyle to suit your needs. You just need to have the motivation and inclination to get started. With that in mind, here are some of the common lifestyle changes people make that could help to reduce your stress levels, aside from focus on the cause of stress.

Start to exercise more

Exercising is a great way to alleviate the signs and symptoms of stress related issues. Many people will agree that the feelings you get when you do take on some form of physical activity can far outweighs the worried and anxious feelings you may have felt to begin with. Exercise not only helps to take your mind off things, but it can also help you to see more clearly when it comes to problems. Allowing you to take a more controlled approach to handling the issues causing you to feel this way.

Exercising is one lifestyle change that many people embark on, but very few carry out to become a better version of themselves. Exercising regularly takes commitment. But there are some positive benefits for taking on this lifestyle change such as improved energy, weight loss and feeling better. Exercising can also combat symptoms of depression and anxiety, which can be caused by raised stress levels. Making it a suitable lifestyle change to make when your mind and mood is being affected by daily life. 

Think about your diet and energy levels

One big problem that we may have on a day-to-day basis is the food we are eating. Out of bad habits causing us to feel worse than we probably need to be. We can all be guilty of reaching for that sugary treat when we feel tired or a little low, and the spike of energy is great at first but often short-lived. The truth is, if you can feed your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function, your energy levels will remain more balanced, and therefore, will not allow you to struggle with additional feelings of anxiety and stress when times are tough. Maybe a lifestyle change is exactly what you need to help avoid feeling stressed. It gives you something to have full control over, and the type of food that you eat can also help you to feel energised and feeling better in yourself. If you feel good physically, you can start to work on the other side of things that stress affects which is your mindset. 

Try alternative remedies 

You may want to consider alternative remedies to help when it comes to stress. It might be that you think relaxation could work and the use of essential oils could be a great way to relax your mind, combining it with things such as yoga or meditation. Maybe you want to try other options like CBD oil that could help to calm the mind, or even reiki, acupuncture or aromatherapy have been shared as great relievers of stress. Trying alternative options will enable you to keep your emotions at bay and control the feelings of anxiety and stress that can be placed upon you. 

Supplements have also proved beneficial to some, so be sure to take some time looking on the market for supplements like kava on websites such as or some of the others available.

Take control of your mindset and emotions 

Is now the time to start thinking about your current mindset? Often it is their thoughts you have, the negative language that you use and the actions that you take that can feed the feelings of stress and anxiety. Instead, try to place some focus on your mindset and deplete the negativity by actively being positive. Whether that is changing negative thoughts into something positive, or whether that is changing the way you speak and the words you use.

Stop smoking or drinking alcohol

A more subtle lifestyle change that could help alleviate some of the symptoms of stress is to look at your vices. Like smoking and drinking. Things like this can have an adverse effect on your health and often can lead on to other diseases forming in the future. Alcoholism doesn’t mean you drink every minute of the day. But it can mean that you have a bad relationship with drinking. It might mean that you can’t go out without a drink. Or even get through the week without a glass of wine to help you feel better about life right now. Smoking, on the other hand, has long-term bad health benefits but may just be your way of release when it comes to stressful feelings. 

I hope that these tips help you to overcome the feelings of stress. 

Stress Shouldn’t Take Over Your Life

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