Mens Grooming With Debenhams

There is no denying that men are taking pride in their appearance now, as opposed to previous generations.  Mens Grooming is now just as big as for us women.

Mens Grooming With Debenhams

You only have to browse the shelves in the shops. To see the rows of facial wash and moisterisers with many other products.

Mens Grooming Tools

Alongside facial washes, body washes and moisturisers. You can also get some great beard grooming sets as well, such as this Wahl grooming kit. Which has everything your man needs to keep his beard in great condition.  This set includes a rechargeable beard trimmer, beard wash and beard oil.

One thing I have noticed when out shopping with my husband. Is just how much mens attitudes to fashion and grooming has changed. From shoes and clothing mens ranges are becoming more classic. They are starting to take care in every aspect of how they look.

I was browsing online at Debenhams recently as I needed some new moisturisers, and I ended up looking at the mens grooming products, they have a great sale on so I decided to give him a treat and brought him a lovely Dolce & Gabbana gift set reduced from £72 to £48 as an extra birthday present.

For years women have had to think about personal appearance from skin care. To our personal grooming of hair removal and eyebrows, make up and hair, while the men could be ready for a night out in minutes.

I am loving that men are taking pride in their appearance. My husband now gets comments when we are out about his style.  A couple of weeks ago we were walking in London and a man walked up to him and said wow man I love your style. I stood there open-mouthed and felt proud at the same time, there is a first for everything and I am sometimes left speechless.


You have to agree that there is something about a man all suited and booted up.



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  • Jho Pasquin
    1st April 2020 at 7:53 pm

    Yes, I like men who are taking care of themselves and are happy and takes pride when they look good.

    • admin
      1st April 2020 at 9:20 pm

      So do I, nothing worse than a man who does not take pride in their appearance x


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