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Lighten and Brighten Your Home for Spring

It’s been a tough year. Like the rest of us you’re probably longing for the warmer weather and a chance to spend more time outdoors. 

Spring is a wonderful time of renewal, with its sense of a fresh start, so it’s a great time to clear the winter clutter and bring a new sense of space into your home.

Find New Ways to Use Your Space

Just moving the furniture around to create a different layout can make a room feel new and fresh. But why not go a step further and create the rooms you’ve always wanted.

You could turn a spare bedroom into a hobby room where you don’t have to pack up and put everything away every time you work on a project. By putting spare beds and wardrobes into self storage, you can still hang onto useful furnishings in case you want to swap back, but still make better use of space that’s lying dormant most of the time.

Creating dedicated hobby or workspaces at home also means you don’t have tools or equipment hogging cupboard space all around the house, so you reclaim more storage.

You can do the same thing in dining rooms. Put the big dining table into self storage and use a smaller dropleaf version to create more floor space and make the room feel lighter and more spacious. 

Or in children’s shared bedrooms if each child has a single bed. Why not swap for bunk beds. You still have two beds, but with a smaller footprint there’s more room to play. You can keep the single beds in self storage, ready to swap back if needs change as the family grows.

Brighten the Shadowy Areas

Spring is a great time for a spot of redecoration. A lick of paint can do wonders to brighten up any room, and the job goes much faster if you clear out the furnishings first. Put your valuables and soft furnishings into self storage while you decorate to protect everything from dust and paint spatters and give yourself a clear area to work in.

If you fancy going a step further and want to refresh your furnishings, look for sofas and chairs on legs rather than blocky styles that sit flat on the floor. Having big furnishings raised above the floor gives an illusion of more space because light flows around and under them, creating fewer shadows.

Clutter busting furnishings like coffee tables or occasional tables with drawers or shelves underneath, really help to create a lighter and brighter atmosphere in a room. You can hide all manner of cluttersome things, like TV remotes, games controllers, charging cables or tablets and spare batteries to keep your surfaces clean and clear.

Adding a lamp or two is a quick and easy way to lift the atmosphere in a dark corner. Or add lights in alcoves, above pictures or inside display cabinets. With battery operated LED lights and lamps, you can have atmospheric lighting just about anywhere without worrying about trailing cables.

Clear Your Wardrobes

assorted-color apparels

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Getting organised in the closet is surprisingly liberating. You can see exactly what clothes you have without having to rummage through rails of unsuitable items.

Many people these days use affordable self storage rooms for seasonal storage for clothes. Pack up all your winter woollies, boots, and coats that you won’t need for a few months and clear them out of the house. People also store sportswear or gear that’s out of season, so it’s not taking up valuable space at home.

When all you have in the wardrobe is your lighter spring and summer clothing, there is plenty of room for new things and space to hang everything without cramming it in. 

If you’re feeling in a rut and want to break out of the tried and tested, creating a lighter, brighter home for spring, now is the time to give something new a try. Nothing is cast in stone, so if you try something and don’t like it, just change it back. Even self storage has short contract terms, so there’s plenty of flexibility to change your mind about how much space you need.

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