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How To Make Your Garden Into A Haven

Having a garden makes you a very lucky person, especially during this current crisis. If you’re finding staying at home so much difficult and stressful, your garden can become something of a haven to give you somewhere to relax and unwind. Here’s how to make your garden into somewhere you can escape.


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Plant For Scents

Smell can be a very relaxing thing, and if you get it right, your garden will be even more soothing. Choose plants that have beautiful scents, like scented herbs or flowers with a lot of aromas. Fill pots and hanging baskets with these plants and put them around your door. Every time you step out of the house, you’ll get a waft of relaxing scent. Even when the weather isn’t good enough to let you stay out, you can enjoy these aromas just by standing on the doorstep for a moment.

Buy A Sun Lounger

Shop for Alice’s Garden sun loungers to find the right choice. Pick something comfortable, that you can adjust. If you can adjust the angle of the lounger, you can make the chair a perfect spot to sit up with a glass of wine and a book or to lie back and soak up some sunshine. A lounger can be a great addition to your garden to give you somewhere to relax.

Make It Private

A little privacy in your garden can make it feel more like a relaxing space that’s just for you. If you need somewhere to relax to get rid of stress, create the illusion that your garden is miles away from everyone else. If your garden is over-looked by the neighbors, you can screen off your garden pretty effectively with things like trees, tall plants, trellis, or fences. If you want to screen off part of the garden from your own house so you can hide from whoever you share the house with, you can create a cozy nook with a bench, a trellis overhead, and some fencing around the area. You can use this space as an escape and get away from everything, even if only for a few minutes.

Create Spaces For The Family

If your garden has to work double duty as a space for adults and children, try to create different zones. The patio or deck can be a space for the grown-ups, with some seating, a barbecue, a dining table, or maybe even an outside bar. Use the lawn for the kids, with toys, play equipment, or things like a basketball net. Add some garden storage space, like a shed or a storage chest, so you can put away all the children’s outdoor toys at the end of the day, so the garden turns from a family space to somewhere for the adults to relax in the evenings. 

If you get your garden right, your whole family can enjoy it as somewhere for relaxation. With the right plants and furniture, you can create a real haven, right in your back garden.

How To Make Your Garden Into A Haven

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