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Top Tips for Motivating Your Kids to Learn

Learning may not always be at the top of your child’s priorities unfortunately so it is our job as parents to try out best to motivate them to do schoolwork and learn in general. A Prep School in Notting Hill has put together the following tips and advice to help you keep your little ones motivated during the lockdown and any school holidays in the future.

Choose a special place

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Make a dedicated area within your home for your child to read, write, draw and craft. This should ideally be somewhere nice and quiet with comfortable seating and lots of natural light. This will help to improve their concentration and contribute toward their academic success. If they try their hardest you could treat them to some new stationery or treats.

Positivity is key

Always show encouragement towards learning and keep a positive attitude when discussing school and any work that is set. It is also important to praise your child’s achievements and effort rather that their academic performance to help boost their confidence. Putting too much pressure on teenagers to achieve certain test results can actually have a negative effect on their academic performance and cause anxiety or stress.

Utilise technology

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Although too much screen time can have a negative effect on children there are lots of ways that iPads, laptops and apps can come in use and really help with learning. Check with your school to see the list of websites they would recommend for revision, a lot of them have downloadable apps and games too.

Get outdoors


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Current UK lockdown rules allow us to go outside to exercise so make sure you make the most of the nice weather! As well as a well needed break from the screen, some exercise and fresh air you can also teach your children about wildlife, nature and the seasons.

Top Tips for Motivating Your Kids to Learn

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