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5 Stress Busting Practices To Soothe Your Body & Mind


Feeling stressed out? Struggling to find relief? Yep, same here! Stress doesn’t just magically disappear on its own and so we need to arm ourselves with coping tactics to keep stress in check.

1 . Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years, arriving with a wide array of health benefits. The practice is often used to reduce stress, improve sleep or even to manage headaches. Every oil has different properties; those like rose or jasmine are beneficial for relaxation while oils like eucalyptus or cinnamon help to improve your mood. You can simply inhale relaxing essential oils, or you can add them to a bath. Some prefer to combine essential oils with a carrier oil (like jojoba) and then apply directly to the skin.

2. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are one of the fastest ways to destress when feeling panicky or anxious. ‘Equal breathing’ for instance, is ideal for calming the nerves. You can practice this technique by breathing in through your nose slowly for four counts. Next, you exhale to another count of four. During yoga classes, ‘abdominal breathing’ is often used for mediation. To practice this breathing technique, you must place one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. From here, you breathe in deeply through your nose. The idea is to fully inflate your diaphragm (perhaps the deepest breath you’ve ever taken)! Now, you release this breath slowly and continue to repeat the process.

3. Epsom Salt Bath

We all know there’s nothing like a hot bath to ease the stress, next time you take one- add some Epsom salt. An Epsom salt bath helps with both stress reduction and sleep. Our bodies need magnesium to manage stress, and Epsom salt is full of the stuff! It’s believed that magnesium helps our bodies to produce melatonin, a hormone we need to feel calm and sleep.

4. Green-Tea Facial

Face masks are the perfect way to soothe your skin and destress. Green tea makes an ideal face mask as it’s full of antioxidants which improve the health of your skin. You can purchase green-tea face masks, or make one yourself using green-tea, baking soda and honey. 

Green-tea bags are also great to use on your eyes. Simply steep the tea bags, let them cool, and then place them under your eyes. This remedy helps to eliminate redness, dark circles and puffy under eyes. It’s important to look after your eyes in general with regular eye tests and renewed glasses prescriptions. For your lenses, bifocal lenses are the most convenient, (especially if you have more than one prescription need).

5. Self-Care Apps

Want to practice self-care at home? Try one of the nifty self-care apps available. Tangerine, for example, is an amazing app which monitors your habits and mood. The app allows you to determine the healthy activities which you want to practice and then helps you to stay on track. HAPPY is another great self-care app, which encourages you to note down your happy experiences and use a journal to work through problems. HAPPY features an online community where you can chat (anonymously) with individuals who are also on a self-care journey. Once you establish a workable self-care regime, you’ll boost your confidence, and feel more at peace.

5 Stress Busting Practices To Soothe Your Body & Mind


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