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Having Fun In The Sun With Dresses

In a way, what we wear is an embodiment of who we are and what we are feeling. Some love wearing comfy clothes every day because they like the laid-back feel it gives. Some people love to dress and glam up when stepping out of the house due to the confidence it gives them.

Although having clothes is a necessity, there is no doubt that every woman loves shopping for clothes and trying on the different fits they see in the store. With the different designs and styles available, you may need one or two tips to help you navigate through the many options.

Dress the way you want to be Addressed


It is said that you can guess a person’s personality based on what they wear. As earlier said, what we wear is sort of like a message to others about who we are. If you are someone who loves wearing casual outfits’ every day except for formal occasions, you might be a laid-back person. If you enjoy pairing your casual outfits with a bit of bling or some edgy boots, you can come off as a confident person who doesn’t like a bit of attention.

The same goes if you love getting glammed up when going out or cannot be caught without a pair of Louboutins- the way you dress is a representation of how you want people to perceive you.

So, before you shop for that new dress regardless of the occasion, ask yourself ‘what message do I want to pass across?’ How do I want to feel when I wear this? Depending on the look you want, you can easily choose which of the women’s dresses can help pass that across.

Dress your Body Shape


When shopping online and you find a dress for women that you love, you may want to buy it without considering whether it would fit you the same way it does on the model. If the model wearing the clothes looks nothing like you in terms of body shape and size, you may want to rethink buying the dress.

Every body shape is beautiful and the best way to highlight your shape is by buying pieces that accentuate your figure and how it off in the best light. If you have a rectangle shape and you are going with a bodycon dress, you can pair it with a tummy belt to highlight the waist and curves.

To know your body shape, measure your hips, bust, shoulders, and waist. If your measurements are proportionate, you are a rectangle. If your upper body is wide and your lower body a bit narrow with a fairly-defined waist, you are an inverted triangle or apple. Where your shoulders and bust are proportionate with the waist being narrower than the two, you have an hourglass shape.  

Mix and Match

mix and match

Mix and match different pieces to create new outfits whenever you want to go out. Pair your regular jeans with a baggy crop top or style your shirt dress with some stylish corset. You can wear your big blazer with a bandeau and mini skirt for a casual sexy look or a pair of trousers for a sophisticated appearance.

Do you have any old clothes in your wardrobe? Reuse them by doing some DIY. You can turn your baggy shirt into a crop top or ripped shirt and repurpose some of your old trousers. 

Get Advice

It is always a good idea to take a friend or two with you for a second opinion or ask some of the consultants at the store for help. If you are shopping online, look for reviews on the brand of the particular piece you are interested in as it can help make or break your decision.

Having Fun In The Sun With Dresses

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