Goes To Sleep Book Review And Giveaway

As much as we love our kids, we also love bedtime.  When they hopefully settle down and go to sleep.  Giving us time to either catch up on things we have not got around to.  Or enjoy a nice hot cuppa without endless interruptions.

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime in our house was usually routined, as I feel children need this and know it is time to calm down from the days activities.

  • Bath
  • Clean Teeth
  • Story time

My Daughter loved her story time, and would always try to get an extra story.  She always had to have her favourite story book, and would know if you missed a page.

My Granddaughter, although only 1 has a similar routine, and has her bedtime story which she loves.  Luckily her Mum feels that routines are good for them, and reading stories calms them down and is also lovely to get their own imaginations working when they are a bit older.

The Goes To Sleep books are personalised children’s books, putting your child in the middle of a great bedtime story.  Fully customised for a boy or a girl, with hair colour and skin tone even including your childs favourite animal.  Making the bedtime story even more magical.

The book is based on leading research by Children’s Sleep Specialists researching from both children and parents on how to get a good nights sleep.

The book has been loved by both parents and children, proving that night after night the book really does work, and help even the most difficult sleeper have a good nights sleep.

How To Enter

If you would like to win your own copy of the ‘Goes To Sleep Book’ see below for entry details.

Goes To Sleep Book

Good luck




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Comments (50)

  • Susan B 5 months ago Reply

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar as she knew all the words off by heart and that always settled her.

  • Katie 5 months ago Reply

    I loved all the Topsy and Tim books

  • T Brailey 5 months ago Reply

    My child’s favourite is bedtime bear. She loves it and knows it is bedtime after.

  • Rosie Claire 5 months ago Reply

    Dear Zoo. He loves naming all the animals in the book! 🙂

  • Emilia Nastaly-Howard 5 months ago Reply

    Room on the broom

  • Angela treadway 5 months ago Reply

    mine was the hungry caterpillar x

  • Natalie Burgess 5 months ago Reply

    The three billy goats gruff xx

  • Jodi 5 months ago Reply

    My daughter goes in phases but one that she always rotates back to is Whatever Next by Jill Murphy which is great because reading it reminds me of having it read to me as a child.

  • Mel Turner 5 months ago Reply

    Mr Men stories

  • Nicola Farrel 5 months ago Reply

    My girls like the oi cat books just now!

  • Katie Skeoch 5 months ago Reply

    My eldest had a huge book of nursery rhymes, we had to go through them all most nights. My youngest currently loves the That’s not my…books

  • Sally Collingwood 5 months ago Reply

    Violet likes the Tiger who came to Tea

  • Danielle Sedgebeer 5 months ago Reply

    My daughter loves me to read Thomas the Tank before bed x

  • Rich Tyler 5 months ago Reply

    My little boy love STICK MAN

  • Sarah Lambert 5 months ago Reply

    My little girl loves What the LadyBird heard

  • Amy Bondoc 5 months ago Reply

    My daughter LOVED The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • Michelle Smith 5 months ago Reply

    Peppa pig bedtime treasury

  • Jo Hutchings 5 months ago Reply

    I love reading ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ to my little boy.

  • Rebecca Nisbet 5 months ago Reply

    My daughter had a couple of rhyming stories, she loved them.

  • Solange 5 months ago Reply

    How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.

  • Maggie Coates 5 months ago Reply

    My children are now adult. I’m entering hoping to win for my granddaughter who at 9 months is too young yet to have a favourite.

  • Karen Robinson 5 months ago Reply

    When my boys were little my husband was on story-telling duty and they always laughed at his funny voices. Now we have a granddaughter she is just 18 months and loves any story! Her current favourite (over and over) is about Little Mo

  • Isabel O 5 months ago Reply

    I loved The Last Noo Noo by Jill Murphy.

  • Laura Corrall 5 months ago Reply

    Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. My little girl loves it.

  • katrina walsh 5 months ago Reply

    the teddy bears picnic

  • Ruth Harwood 5 months ago Reply

    The tiger who came to tea!

  • iain maciver 5 months ago Reply

    love the mr men books

  • Karen Usher 5 months ago Reply

    My daughter and I love “Guess How Much I Love you”

  • Adrian Bold 5 months ago Reply

    The Gruffalo

  • Geri Gregg 5 months ago Reply

    I loved reading the Roald Dahl books before bed

  • Becky Yeomans 4 months ago Reply

    My daughter is loving a book called ‘more ketchup please’!

  • Emily N 4 months ago Reply

    Me and my daughter both love the Gruffalo

  • Rachael Sexey 4 months ago Reply

    My son loves Mr Big ✨

  • Christine Lockley 4 months ago Reply

    My son loves anything by Julia Donaldson

  • Claire Nutman 4 months ago Reply

    Chicken Licken with all the children, fab book

  • JULIE WARD 4 months ago Reply

    Grandson loves any story about Thomas the Tank

  • Claire Woods 4 months ago Reply

    Goodnight CopyCub

  • Lisa Wilkinson 4 months ago Reply

    My little girl loves Dear Zoo

  • Rachel Craig 4 months ago Reply

    Guess How Much I Love You.

  • emma Howard 4 months ago Reply

    We love The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • MATTHEW 4 months ago Reply

    bedtime bear

  • Naomi Smith 4 months ago Reply

    The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears 🙂

  • Diane Carey 4 months ago Reply

    My daughter loved Richard Scarry books and also books with a ‘big bad wolf’ in them

  • Rebecca Whatmore 4 months ago Reply

    Noddy and then Matilda

  • janine atkin 4 months ago Reply

    mine loves the 3 little pigs

  • Carol Boffey 4 months ago Reply

    bedtime bear

  • Thomas Perry 4 months ago Reply

    The Tiger Who Came To Tea

  • Sian Buckingham 4 months ago Reply

    I loved The Blue Balloon when I was little, and my children also enjoy that story now!

  • Allan Fullarton 4 months ago Reply

    bedtime bear

  • Donna Parkin 4 months ago Reply

    my granddaughter obsessed with moana at the moment so that one for us

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