Getting Ready For The Cooler Weather

Getting Ready For The Cooler Weather With UK Lingerie

The warm days and nights of the Summer has gone. You can not help to notice the sudden drop in temperature.  It is now time to start moving away from bare legs and sandals. And start Getting Ready For The Cooler Weather With  UK Lingerie.

When I go out somewhere special, whether it is date night, an evening out with friends or something that is not just normal day-to-day. I love to feel good about myself.  One way I do this is with my lingerie, and I have always had a huge love of vintage style lingerie and shapewear.

This style of lingerie is starting to get a lot more popular, as it used to be available in very few retailers.  UK Lingerie have a lovely range of lingerie to suit any shape and size and at great prices.  I was very lucky to be offered a chance to review some of their range.

As already stated, this is something I love to wear, and have purchased from various retailers over the years. I now know good quality products and whether they will wear well.

What Did I Choose

open bottom girdle


Elaine Edwards Six Strap Open Bottom Girdle – £39.00.

This is a classic design and as long as you get the right size will fit comfortable at the waste and you in.  Six straps are the normal amount of straps (you can get girdles with more straps).  Another must is metal clasps as opposed to the plastic clasps, these are stronger and will not come undone whilst wearing.

six strap suspender belt

Elaine Edwards Midnight Lace Crossover 6 Strap Suspender Belt – £34.00

This is a fuller design suspender belt, again with 6 straps and metal clasps.  Very comfortable to wear and different to the open bottom girdle, which gives it a mix of  a vintage and modern look combined.


Janira Niki Greta Briefs – £19.00

I love underwear that is practical, but also pretty and most importantly comfortable.  These did all of these and come in a variety of colours.

Flat Belly Briefs

Janira Secrets Flat Belly Shaping Briefs – £27.00

These briefs are amazing, and ideal for when you are not wearing an open bottom girdle.  They do just as they say on the packet, and hold you in.  At the same time they are comfortable to wear unlike some other shapewear where you feel you can not breathe.  These really are a must buy.

My Conclusion

As stated I am a huge fan of vintage style lingerie, and I do wear it a lot.  When I find a new retailer I do always look at the smaller things like straps, clasps and any other details such as panels.  I have paid a lot of money for some of my lingerie some I have been disappointed with others very happy with.  After trying the above I can honestly say they are great quality, and detail and I will be purchasing from them again.

Don’t forget to check my follow on post with UK Tights about what to wear with your open bottom girdle.

Getting Ready For The Cooler Weather With UK Lingerie


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Comments (16)

  • Lori Bosworth 6 months ago Reply

    It’s interesting to see girdles coming back in style! I like the Janira Niki Greta briefs; they look really cute!

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    They are becoming easier to find and agree the briefs are lovely

  • Viano Dee 6 months ago Reply

    Quite an interesting collection of beautiful designs– each with their own uniqueness– no wonder you are pleased. Nice review.

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    Thank you, they do have a lovely selection x

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra 6 months ago Reply

    It is okay to spend on underwear because it makes me feel confident. The Janira Niki Greta Briefs and the Janira Secrets Flat Belly Shaping Briefs are great finds and I would say, “worth the investment.” 🙂

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    Underwear is a good investment for making you feel good about yourself x

  • LuciWest 6 months ago Reply

    What an fascinating concept: having to buy different lingerie for the colder season. Makes me appreciate living in Florida 😉

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    You are lucky it is starting to get cooler here so need to change the bare legs

  • Mijia Eggers 6 months ago Reply

    I prefer to wearing Janira Niki Greta Briefs – £19.00. I usually the similar type as they make me feel comfortable. The style is also simple.

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    They are very comfortable

  • I love the look of vintage style undergarments so the shapewear your mention is interesting.

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    I love the look of vintage style as well, and it is great shapewear

  • Khushboo 6 months ago Reply

    These are some cool lingerie. They look sexy and elegant I would love to own few of them.

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    They are great shapewear too and very comfortable to wear

  • Sauumye Chauhan 6 months ago Reply

    Oh yes !! it is that time of the year again !! I really need to go shopping this weekend for winter accessories and these are some great options !!

    admin 6 months ago Reply

    I never like the change in weather and having to start wearing more clothes, I am missing my sandals

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