Fun Summer Drinks for Kids

There is nothing quite like a refreshing beverage to quench your thirst during the summer months. If you are looking for Fun Summer Drinks for Kids whether this is at a party or just on a hot day at home then there are a few great options that they are sure to love. Or if your kids have their friends over why not treat them to something sweet lby getting a waffle mix and making them waffles with fresh fruit, to go along with their smoothie.

1. Watermelon Lemonade


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Lemonade is a classic summer beverage and you will be hard-pushed to find anything more refreshing than a watermelon so you can see how this is such a fantastic summer drink.

It looks impressive but it is easy to make by simply cutting the top off of a watermelon, hollowing it out and then putting the flesh in a blender along with 250ml of lemon juice and sugar. You can then stir in a bottle of soda and pour it back into the empty watermelon before topping with ice, lime slices and mint.

2. Sunshine Smoothie


Photo by Laura Pratt on Unsplash

This low-fat smoothie is the perfect way to start the day and to get the kids enjoying fruit and veg. The unique but tantalizing beverage is made with 500ml of carrot juice, 200g of pineapple (fresh or canned), 2 bananas cut into chunks, a small piece of ginger, the juice from 1 lime and 20g of cashew nuts. You simply put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until it reaches a smooth consistency – simple yet delicious.

3. Smoothie Jellies with Ice Cream

smoothie jelly and ice cream

This beverage is a real treat and you will certainly want to try a few yourself. First, you need to soften 6 sheets of leaf gelatin in cold water until it is soft. While it is soaking you should gently heat a 1-litre bottle of orange, mango and passion fruit smoothie (or any type that you’d like) without letting it boil.

You then take the smoothie off the heat and then squeeze the excess water out of the gelatin before adding it to the smoothie pan. Next, stir the mixture till smooth and put into shot glasses which you can get from places like Nisbets. Place in the fridge for at least 1 hour and then top each with a mini scoop of vanilla ice cream when you are ready to enjoy them.

Have you got any Fun Summer Drinks for Kids you would like to share with us?

Fun Summer Drinks for Kids

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  • Chloe
    5th May 2021 at 8:11 pm

    Great ideas for drinks for the children, I like the sound of the Watermelon Lemonade 🍉


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