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An Important Family Question

When you have a family, you do everything you can to protect them and keep them safe and warm. You put a roof over their head, heating, food on the table, clothes and the list goes on.  But have you thought beyond that? I have An Important Family Question?

Today I have an important family question for you all, it is one we often do not like to talk about or think about.  But one that needs to be discussed.


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Is your family protected should you die?

This is something we all need to think about, we love our family and do everything we can and work hard to provide for them.  We never want them to have to struggle.  But we never know what will happen tomorrow.

What would happen if something did happen to you? Would your family be able to cope pay the mortgage or rent, the monthly bills etc?  This is something we have to think about.

Life Insurance should be as important as your home or car insurance, and it does not cost much to have that peace of mind should something happen.

Who are LifeSearch

LifeSearch have grown over the last two decades with their mission of doing right by the customer.  They look at their services as protection for life, for love and for families.

One thing I like about them is that they are not hard sell, which is one thing I personally do not like and switches me straight off from buying.  They listen to their customers and their needs, and give advice on what would be the best product for you.

Companies who hard sell, are all about targets and not about the customer.  This is one of the reasons I left banking after over 13 years.  I used to love it and chatting to customers and advising them on what I thought was the best account for them.  Then like many other financial institutions it became about targets and not the customer, which is what I can not do.

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What Services can LifeSearch help me with?

They offer a wide range of services as shown below

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Over 50’s Life Cover

As well as

  • Claims and Care
  • Wills and Trusts

If you know this is something you need to do but confused why not pop over to LifeSearch to find out more.

Why I think this is too important to put off

I know when you are young you do not think about the what ifs, but having a family and responsibilities you can not afford to do so.  I have seen so many friends and family suffer because something has happened and they had no protection, or not the right protection.

Have you got life insurance?

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