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Why Reading is So Important for Children

Reading is one of the first things children learn to do when they start school. It’s a crucial skill that offers a variety of benefits. For instance, it helps us to learn new vocabulary and expand our general knowledge on different topics, while also being a great way to wind down and have fun. If your child requires a bit of encouragement when it comes to reading, a private school in Essex have prepared the following tips and advice for you.

Reading is boring

Unfortunately, lots of children find reading boring, but perhaps that’s because they haven’t found the right book yet. The more your child reads the more they will learn so it’s certainly worth encouraging them to read frequently, helping to educate them and spark their imagination. This will not only help them in terms of their education but will also provide them with lots of fascinating and unique things to discuss with their friends and family.

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Benefits of reading

One of the most obvious benefits of reading, in any form, is that it can enhance a person’s vocabulary. Whether it’s fiction novels, articles online, magazines or any other type of written material, reading will help your child to discover new words and their meanings. Provide your child with a notebook so that if they happen to stumble across a word that they haven’t seen before, they can write it down and look up the definition in a dictionary/online later. Having a wider vocabulary will help your children with their writing and communication skills, which are important both in school and when applying for universities and jobs in the future.

In addition to expanding their vocabulary, frequent reading will help your kids recognise different sentence structures, genres, character development and other components of a fantastic story. This will all improve their ability to be a better writer. When your child completes a novel, you could suggest that they write an alternate ending or a book review.

If your child finds it hard to loosen up after school, reading could be a good option for them. By engaging with a good book, your child will be able to leave any troubles behind and start to relax after school. Try and encourage your children to read while schools are shut and throughout any school holidays. This will stop them from falling into a kind of slump where they stop learning new things and expanding their knowledge.

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