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A Trip To Disney In Florida

In 2000 we headed on our frist trip to Florida, this was the first time we had had visited anywhere in USA.  As we landed we were full of excitement as to what are trip would entail.

We had the most amazing holiday visiting all the theme parks, shopping malls and various other places.  We always said we would love to go back one day, and have recently been discussing visiting again with C when she is well enough.

Florida Theme Parks

With so many theme parks to choose from, it is often hard to work out which parks to visit.  These are the parks top of our list we would like to visit on our next stay

Disney World Florida

disney world florida

This is definitely a must visit, no matter what age you are.  As soon as you walk through the gates you are drawn into the magical world of Disney



I loved Seaworld when we visited, from stroking and talking to the Dolphins.  To watching a white beluga whale peacefully swimming around, I sat for ages watching.  To a polar bear playing happily with toys.  This is a must visit theme park.

Universal Studios


We had a great day here, made even more special when we were walking around, and all of a sudden the Blues Brothers music started up.  We watched as we were entertained with a medley of songs from the film.  Probably also had our favourite rides as well.

There are so many other parks to visit as well including

  • Busch Gardens
  • Epcot

You only visit Forida for one reason, and that is to visit the theme parks.  This can be expensive if you do not pre buy your tickets, which is why we have also been looking at Disney Tickets Florida to get the best deals available. This gives you the chance to budget for your holiday, and not be faced with additional expenses when you are away.

Accommodation and travel

One of the best ways to visit Florida that many other people do is book your air travel and accommodation separately.  This gives you more choice on travel dates and times and great places to stay.

Have you been to Florida? Did you prebook tickets or wait until you were there.  What tips do you have for others looking to go?

A Trip To Disney In Florida

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