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Ways to make money from blogging

Whether you’ve been blogging for fun for a while or you want to start your blogging journey and are curious about ways to make money from blogging, today is your lucky day. I’m going to be sharing some ways on how to earn money while talking about your favourite topics. Sounds good, right? Well, let’s get to it. 

Sell what you make.

Ways to make money from blogging

Is your blog all about your crafts? Why not start selling them? Does your audience know about your chocolate-making hobby? Why not create an eCommerce store on your website to sell the things you make? Not only will it give your audience another way to support you and your ventures but, by having this extra point of interest, you will also generate more visits to your blog overall.

Magento agencies in London, such as Ad Lab, recommend creating a Magento eCommerce store if you have a large inventory of products. For smaller shops, WordPress is the way to go – it’s easy to use and very user friendly! You can easily integrate your shop into your blog, or vice-versa, and make money whilst continuing blogging. 

Ad Lab, as a Google Partner Agency, also advise on taking advantage of Google to promote your products and drive more traffic to your website. If you have no knowledge of anything Google related, I’d recommend Google Skillshop, free online training courses that teach you all there is to know about Google Ads, Google Analytics and other Google products that will be helpful for your blog and business.

Make sponsored content.

Ways to make money from blogging

This could be guest blogging on behalf of brands, reviewing products, sponsored articles and much more. If you have a large following, you might be used to brands reaching out to you and discussing sponsorship ideas – discuss with them the type of sponsored content they are looking for and, if you are happy with it, do it!

“If you are a smaller content creator, partnering up with brands might seem too far from reach. Not so fast! You have an audience, you have a platform. If you’re putting out great content and have fantastic engagement with your audience, that’s all you need!” Says Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum, and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t get demotivated if you are a small creator, there are always brands out there looking to partner up! If brands are not approaching you, approach them yourself and pitch your ideas!

Sell your skills to others.


Add a “Hire Me” page on your blog to offer your skills to others. If you are great at social media managing, other brands and content creators might need your expertise. If you have an eye for design and can create fantastic illustrations and designs, why not start selling these skills too?

“You might already have a variety of different skills that you can offer others or perhaps, after years of writing on your blog, you’ve gained skills that you didn’t have before but that could be useful to others. Either way, if you want some extra cash, make sure to promote the skills you have.” comments Welsh Mum, and that’s exactly it! Whether you can offer skills related to blogging or skills outside blogging, there are always people looking for an extra pair of hands. Put yourself and your skills out there, and let’s make it rain!

Ways to make money from blogging

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