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Retractable roof pergolas vs traditional pergolas

I know that with the cold and rainy weather, the last thing on your mind is to be outside and to think about pergolas. What if you could spend time outside even when it was raining and cold? Wouldn’t you like it? I know, I would. I love spending time outside – whether it is enjoying a moment of silence by myself or running after the kids playing some sort of game. My patio is one of my favourite parts of the house, however, it’s a part of my home that I’m not able to fully enjoy all year round. 

This is where retractable roof pergolas come in. What are retractable roof pergolas? Good question. To answer all your pergola questions, I’ve partnered up with Designer Shade Solutions, retractable roof pergola experts, who know more than a thing or two about both traditional pergolas and modern pergolas. 

Traditional pergolas.


First, let’s talk about traditional pergolas. The classic pergola. A beautiful outdoor structure that looks great in any garden area. As Suburban Mum says, “Traditional wooden pergolas can make any outdoor space stand out. These are beautiful, will offer shade during the warm days of summer and provide your climbing plants with the perfect space to bloom.”

However, traditional pergolas don’t offer any shelter from the elements. Is it raining? Is it cold? A traditional pergola won’t give you cover or comfort when the weather turns south. No matter how good traditional pergolas look, I believe that any outdoor structure I add to my garden space needs to have both functionality and versatility. What do you think?

Retractable roof pergolas.


Retractable roof pergolas are a modern version of traditional pergolas that feature an innovative retractable roof. As Mummy Mummy Mum explains these modern pergolas include “a retractable and tilting roof that can be easily open, closed or simply tilted, depending on your requirements”. 

So, no matter the weather, you will be able to fully enjoy your outdoor space with a modern pergola. During the sunny summer days, you can have the roof of your pergola open or the roof slabs can tilt to offer some shade; and during the cold winter months, you can close the roof of your pergola to provide shelter from the elements. And do you know what the best thing is? The roof of these pergolas is completely hassle-free! You can easily operate it with a radio-controlled system. 

With a retractable roof pergola, you will not only be able to spend more time outside but you can also extend your current living space. As Evans Crittens comments, “These innovative outdoor systems can be attached to your home as an extension to your current living space. With retractable pergolas attached to your property, you will also experience a seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor living – it’s simply fabulous!”

What do you think of modern pergolas? 

Retractable roof pergolas vs traditional pergolas

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