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Updating Our Lighting With The BenQ WiT

One thing our house is missing is lighting. We have little areas that are a little dark for when we want to read of do close work.  Finding the right light is often a challenge.  I was recently sent the BenQ Wit Reading Desk Lamp to review.

With a lot of lights they can be too bright especially for my daughter C who suffers light sensitivity due to her chronic illness.

BenQ WiT Reading Desk Lamp


The BenQ WiT is the first lamp designed for e-reading. Reading on screens is something we all do whether it is our phones, tablets or computer screen.  Having the right lighting for screen reading has never really been done before.  BenQ have created an illumination solution that will give you a perfect e-reading experience.

The Technical Bit

  • Light source‎ – Dual color LED‎
  • Color Rendering Index‎ – Ra >95
  • Illuminance‎ – Center Illuminance 1800lux (height 40cm)
  • Luminous Flux‎ – 2700K : 800 lm – 5700K : 900 lm‎
  • Color Temperature‎ – 2700 ~ 5700 K‎
  • LED Panels Life Time – 50,000 hours
  • Power Input‎ – 100V  ~ 240V AC, 50~60 Hz‎
  • Power Consumption – 18W (Max. )‎
  • Materials‎ – Aluminum alloy, Zinc alloy, Engineering resin‎
  • Dimension‎ – 59cm x 22cm x 62.5cm‎
  • Net Weight‎ – 4.7kg‎
  • Gross Weight‎ – 5.8kg‎



The curve design lights up an a range of 90cm which is a 150% wider range than standard lamps. With just a simple touch you can choose the brightness of your lamp.

Our thoughts

We love it, the BenQ WiT has a very sturdy base making it safe to use on any surface.  With the choice of brightness the lamp is perfect for those reading or doing close work.  For those who suffer with light sensitivity C has been using this light for about 4 weeks.  She has found it a much better and less harsh light to use, which she has found with others.

If you are looking for lighting around your home, I would recommend looking at this as one of your options.  I know I am looking at purchasing more.

Updating Our Lighting With The BenQ WiT




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