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Tis’ The Season for Sustainability and Cheer

As we prepare for the gear up to Christmas.  A lot of us are locking in our lists of confirmed presents and maybe presents for our loved ones. The decisions always feel soo heavy and with thousands of possible gifting avenues to go down it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. One way of cutting down the unnecessary options is to choose to give gifts that really mean something. So I’ve created a list of sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas gifts (you’re welcome). 

Shop Sustainability

Now, this first one might sound a bit boring. But it’s definitely getting top marks when it comes to the usability factor. Reusable bags are something that we all need and even something the government has begun clamping down on as we’ve been paying 5-50p at supermarkets to carry our shopping. So why not add a bit of personalization to this and who knows maybe even save the planet while doing it. 

giffgaff check

Check your Drawers 

Next up we have an eco-friendly phone case which is the perfect gift as what better way to keep your phone safe from the accidental drop! What’s better is that now we are all relying so heavily on digital means of communication (and using our phones more than ever). It’ll be a nice accessory to gift someone and one for most ages too! This could also be an incentive for us to check our draws for any phones lying around that we could even gift those who are unable to purchase their own or recycle them someone else can give them a second life. You may even find some craft inspiration to make your own Christmas Cards, or look for some great value graphics bundles, and design your cards, gift wrap, tags for presents.

Sustainable sounds 

As we are spending increasing time in our homes doing a range of activities. From working to watching movies and even the occasional solo boogie when no ones watching. If you want to splash the cash gifting a loved one a speaker made with sustainable or recycled materials may just bag you the top spot in the ‘best Christmas present’ list. Not only are they durable but they bring life and hopefully parties when everything returns to normal. 


“candy cane knee socks” by madelinetosh is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sock it to them! 

Last but not least is an oldie but goodie – some good old fashioned socks! Yes, you read that right, socks! It’s not really Christmas without a pair of fluffy, over the top and possibly too sparkly Christmas socks. They are always a guaranteed hit as people are always in need of a new pair. And now you can source them from an eco-friendly retailer to ensure the planet wasn’t harmed in production. I think that’s a win-win! 

 So have we inspired you to shop sustainably this Christmas? If so let us know below as we’d love to hear all about or continue the conversation on our social channels. 

Tis’ The Season for Sustainability and Cheer


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