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Christmas Gift Guide 2021 – Eco-Friendly

Christmas is coming, and as the shops start to fill up with all their Christmas offerings, and adverts start to appear on the TV.  I have been working hard on bringing you a great Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Eco-Friendly.  Full of great gift ideas for any budget.  From small stocking fillers to bigger gifts.

Grab a cuppa and hopefully I have some great gift ideas for you.


If you are looking for something different and also eco-friendly Eco-Able have a site full of lovely gift ideas which including –

  • Essential Oil Soy Candle – £15.00 – A beautiful essential oil soy candle Calm & Cosy, inspired to create a calm and cosy atmosphere through a beautiful natural blend of essential oils of cedarwood and geranium.
  • Face Wipes Set – £6.00 – A really lovely face wipes set, which comes with 4 square wipes, with the softest, most luxurious backing, making them ideal for the face and eyes.
  • Re-Wrappable Fabric Gift Wrap – £7.99 –  An Eco-Able re-wrapable fabric gift wrap a great way to save on all the waste paper
  • Lip Balm – £3.99 – A lovely gift for giving hydration, silky smoothness and sensational softness in a lip balm from Pura Cosmetics™.available in a range of flavours
  • Lip Scrubs – £4.99 – Give your lips the full treatment with these gorgeous lip scrubs, which nourish and revitalise available in a range of flavours.
  • Mood Sprays – £10.00 – Available in 5 different sprays, these sprays give a much needed boost when needed.
  • Moringa Oil – £9.99 – Moringa oil made by  Lily and Mortimer is designed especially to sooth body and mind. Made with purest, natural ingredients.




NONA, which stands for No Oceans, No Air, makes ultra-durable clothes pegs using recycled ocean plastic, which comes from fishing gear that would otherwise head into the ocean. As I’m sure you’re aware, abandoned plastic in the ocean is causing massive problems for marine life and has been a hot topic recently.

By using NONA pegs, you keep plastic from heading into the ocean and reduce your carbon footprint. As well as all that, these smooth BPA-free pegs are made in the UK and designed to hold clothes securely, without causing snags. So they can be given as a gift with absolute confidence that they’re better for the planet and the recipient’s wardrobe.


Kikkerland Little Bee Home

little bee home

Kikkerland Little Bee Home is an attractive and functional decoration for any backyard or garden! It features dark grey walls, a post for easy hanging, and a beautiful wood front where bees can come and go!

Set your garden or backyard a-buzz, with the charming Little Bee Home! Help our pollinating pals, and bring life to your outdoor space. Little Bee Home is ready to hang, so invite some fuzzy friends over to stay. It’s great for the environment and a fun addition to flower gardens, vegetable patches, and fruit trees!


Hapi Bottles


One thing we are all aware of, is reducing our plastic waste.  One way many of us do this is by using refillable drink bottles.  Why not add an extra present and update your water bottles.  Hapi have a lovely range of colours and sizes that everyone will love. 


Plastic Free Vegan Friendly Shaving Brush

shaving brush

This shaving brush combines a 100% wooden plastic-free construction with grass-based sisal bristles to offer one of the most ethically sensitive eco-friendly shaving brushes anywhere on the market.

Most shaving brushes still typically use badger or boar hair for their bristles. The badger and boar hair industries have been comprehensively exposed for their cruel practices and hurt towards animals.

It’s time to break away from unethically constructed products and opt for environmentally sound eco-friendly alternatives. Clear Confidence has worked hard to create a plastic-free cruelty-free shaving brush.


Global WAKEcup


Global WAKEcup have an extensive range of sustainable, reusable coffee cups, water bottles, bamboo cutlery, straws, lunch boxes and more – perfect for stylist, environmentally friendly gifts. Including this Bamboo Water Bottle. Plus with buying from Global WAKEcup you will also be helping charity as they give 10% of their profits to Marine Conservation Society.


echor end of day candle

The Echor End Of Day Candle, is a great gift for anyone who struggles with drifting off to sleep. The candle

  • Will let your stress and anxiety drift away. The candle is blended with multiple essential oils including Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium & Sweet Orange. Which have been shown to reduce stress hormones and lower blood pressure. 
  • Long lasting, clean burn for up to 60 hours. The slow-burning Vegan soy wax is 100% natural and hand poured in the UK into  premium glass jar with wooden lid. It doesn’t release any toxins, carcinogens or pollutants. 
  • Wake up feeling more refreshed.  Research-based oil blend includes pure Lavender Essential Oil which has been found to increase the amount of slow-wave sleep allowing you to wake up with more energy the following morning. 
  • Open your airways. Geranium, has been found to have natural anti-inflammatory properties and may help to reduce snoring caused by sinusitis. 
  • Truly therapeutic. The essential oils we use in our candles are 100% pure, natural and vegan friendly. 


Lily & Rabbit

 If you are looking for beauty products that are a little different to the usual gift sets, Lily & Rabbit have some lovely soaps that are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom or shower, and they work beautifully and efficiently on the skin. First launching with the Goat’s Milk Range, made with soothing goat’s milk from local Yorkshire farms, combined with olive oil and castor oil for a lovely lather. All of the Goat’s Milk soaps are gentle, mild and non-irritating for sensitive skin. Following, Lily & Rabbit’s most recent launch is their Vegan Range, formulated with coconut milk and coconut oil for a nourishing cleanse that does not dry out the skin. All in this range are suitable for face and body.

Little Ant

little ant

Little Ant offer a lovely unique gift for the home with their letterbox dried boquets.  The Vanilla dried flower bunch consists of rustic + neutral tones. Or one of their other great sets.

  •  Carefully sourced + hand packed dried flowers
  • Flower stems are approximately 20cm in length
  • Forever wild letterbox flower bunch
  • Mini cotton bag
  • 100% recyclable from top to bottom
  • Free delivery in mainland UK


Hydroponic Petite Bulb Vase Trio


Hydroponics are a unique alternative to flowers that provide a stunning centre piece, suitable as a home or office companion. These indoor plants grow in water in a glass vessel, assuring you can never overwater, a common mistake made by many of us. Insects thrive in dark, damp soil but don’t do well in water.

Each Petite Bulb Vase is about 15 cm high, There can be different types of cuttings, such as Clusia, Callathea, Syngonium, Spathiphyllum, Ctenanthe.

Sat on a wooden stand complete with battery operated LED’s these make a fantastic focal point to any room especially in the hours of darkness. Totally unique.

The low maintenance of these plants has seen them grow in popularity. The water in the vessel should be clean and fresh, bottled water is best. DO NOT use chlorinated tap water or filtered water. You will see the water decreasing but generally you will need to refill this once a month. Place your indoor plants in a bright lit area but not in direct sunlight. Ideally the temperature of their chosen living space will be warm and constant. We all need a little help every so often and these hydroponics are no different. Adding a few drops of liquid fertilser once a month will help keep your plant baby in top condition.


This gift guide is a mix of gifted and non gifted items

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Eco-Friendly


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