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Christmas Gift Guide 2021 – For Her

Christmas is coming, and as the shops start to fill up with all their Christmas offerings, and adverts start to appear on the TV.  I have been working hard on bringing you a great Christmas Gift Guide 2021 For Her.  Full of great gift ideas for any budget.  From small stocking fillers to bigger gifts.

Grab a cuppa and hopefully I have some great gift ideas for you.

Woolly Mammoth 3D Wooden Puzzle

mammoth puzzle

wooden mammoth puzzle

If you know someone who loves puzzles, they will love this Woolly Mammoth 3D Wooden Puzzle.  A totally different puzzle made of wood to keep their brains working.



If you are looking for something different and also eco-friendly Eco-Able have a site full of lovely gift ideas which including –

  • Essential Oil Soy Candle – £15.00 – A beautiful essential oil soy candle Calm & Cosy, inspired to create a calm and cosy atmosphere through a beautiful natural blend of essential oils of cedarwood and geranium.
  • Face Wipes Set – £6.00 – A really lovely face wipes set, which comes with 4 square wipes, with the softest, most luxurious backing, making them ideal for the face and eyes.
  • Re-Wrappable Fabric Gift Wrap – £7.99 –  An Eco-Able re-wrapable fabric gift wrap a great way to save on all the waste paper
  • Lip Balm – £3.99 – A lovely gift for giving hydration, silky smoothness and sensational softness in a lip balm from Pura Cosmetics™.available in a range of flavours
  • Lip Scrubs – £4.99 – Give your lips the full treatment with these gorgeous lip scrubs, which nourish and revitalise available in a range of flavours.
  • Mood Sprays – £10.00 – Available in 5 different sprays, these sprays give a much needed boost when needed.
  • Moringa Oil – £9.99 – Moringa oil made by  Lily and Mortimer is designed especially to sooth body and mind. Made with purest, natural ingredients.
  • Childen’s Eco Book Away – from £8.99 – Written by Eco-Able founder Dani, this gorgeous children’s eco book ‘Away’ is a beautiful story based in the wondrous woodland, featuring some familiar woodland creatures.



We often see the beauty in our loved ones that they struggle to see. Nuture products are designed to help build confidence so you can love the skin you’re in. Give the gift of self care this Christmas with products designed to nourish and hydrate the skin to leave it feeling happier and healthier.

Nuture’s product range targets multiple skin care concerns from improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks and post blemish marks to helping with dry skin and brightening the complexion.

  • Nuture Nourishing Skin Treatment OilRRP 50ml £8.99 and 150ml £17.99: a deeply nurturing and restorative oil that helps to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The light-weight oil is easily and quickly absorbed and works to replenish hydration for improved elasticity and supple skin
  • Nuture Nourishing Skin Treatment Cream – RRP £12.99: This rich, luxurious cream has been designed to help improve the appearance of all types of stretch marks, and help with the development of new ones. The effective vegan-friendly cream also helps to improve elasticity and leave the skin firmer and more supple.
  • Nuture Facial Treatment Serum – RRP £15.99: A proven, effective formulation to help brighten the complexion, help improve skin tone and texture as well as helping to improve the appearance of post-blemish marks and hyperpigmentation.
  • Nuture Recovery CreamRRP £9.99: This multi-purpose skincare remedy that takes care of your everyday skincare needs whenever you need a little helping hand. The vegan friendly Recovery Cream has been masterfully created with effective to soothe and calm distressed skin


Smart Screen

smart screen

The Gold Edition Smart Screen® has been introduced into our collection to add a luxurious touch to your ensemble. A premium antibacterial microfibre cloth with intricate, soft gold foil detailing on one side. Complete with a portable, detachable pouch that seamlessly fits into suit and jean pockets. Blue Shield antibacterial properties within the cloth kills 99.9% of bacteria on your phone, glasses and other devices. Cloth machine washable at 30°C. The soft gold foil will not damage your phone, tech screens or eyewear and has been rigorously tested by HSTTS (MTS Global).


Ramer Sponges

If she loves all things beauty, she will love these stocking fillers or additions to a hamper you may be making. Ramer offers a wide range of sponges including –




Sensica Sensilift – £279.00: gives instantly visible results just after 5 minutes of treatment time. Ideal for the busy modern woman who struggles to find time for self-care. The dual acting massage and dynamic radio frequency therapies stimulate circulation while allowing the RF waves to travel deeper into the skin and boost the skin’s natural collagen production. It is a non-invasive, medical-grade, facial therapy device that lifts, tightens and improves skin texture!

For continued skin-tightening results, it is recommended that you use the device for 5 minutes, once a week, for 8 weeks. To maintain optimal results thereafter, Sensilift treatments should be performed every four to eight weeks.


Paul James

Paul James are a British manufacturer of Knitwear that specialises in natural knitwear and champions of slow, timeless fashion. These make great gift ideas including

You can view the full range of Paul James knitwear here, these are a definite must have to keep warm during the winter months.


Samrah Creations


Sometimes it is the gift that has more meaning that we like to give, Samrah Creations offer just that with their light up jar. Each jar is handmade and comes with a tea light or string lights option.  They have many designs for loved ones or opt for a personalised Christmas light up jar.


My Love Life & Other Disasters

my love life and other disasters poetry book

Written before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, My Love Life & Other Disasters explores the strangeness of isolation, complex variations of grief, the idiosyncrasies of modern dating, and other snapshots of life, both funny and sad. Life is a mixture of things, and both can arrive at once in the same poem.



If you know someone who loves to make things Crafiosity has a perfect gift. Craftiosity is the UK subscription box of modern craft kits.  Each month they send a limited edition project.  You can sign up to a subscription or buy as a one off gift, or purchase a gift voucher so they can choose which they would prefer.


Kikkerland iBed Lap Desk

iBed Lap Desk

What better way to help you relax than this Kikkerland iBed Lap Desk Use your tablet on a bed, in a plane and while you eat. This sturdy non-slip surface desk has a micro-bead cushion for maximum comfort. Works with most tablets.


Kikkerland Eye Glass Repair Kit

eye glass repair kit

The Kikkerland Eye Glass Repair Kit, is a must have kit for any glasses wearer. This handy tin kit is perfect for popping in your bag or pocket and features everything you need for a quick eyeglass repair. Contents include:

  • 1 Flat head screwdriver
  • 1 pair of tweezers
  • 2 nose pads
  • 2 Frame grips
  • 4 Screws
  • 1 Magnifying glass
  • 1 Philips-head screwdriver
  • 1 Microfiber cloth



If you are looking for something a bit more personal or comical Printster have a full range of great gifts for everyones taste.  You will have seen me mention them in my 18th birthday gift ideas as well showing more of their range. Their range of mugs is amazing and there really is something for everyone. As well as the mugs and socks, they also do keyrings, masks, personalised wrapping paper, cards, magnets and also a dedicated page to their Christmas range.



If you have a budding artist or someone who loves their art, ArtistAnd have a range of drawing kits


This drawing kit is a simple entry into the drawing practise. It’s a perfect place to start if you are unsure about whether it is for you, and you just want a couple of things to get you on your way that are still high quality. Includes

  • Professional wirebound sketchbook – A4 – 46 pages
  • Professional 2B Pencil to make your drawings dynamic.
  • Great quality natual rubber

Deluxe A5 and A4

This drawing kit contains everything you need to start or continue your drawing practise. Includes

  • Professional hardcover, casebound sketchbook – A5 or !4- 46 pages – acidfree – 170gsm
  • Pencils – HB, 2B, 2H, 6B
  • Professional putty rubber

Plus  the drawing kits come with a free online video to help you on your artistic journey.


My Chronicle Book Box

If you know someone who loves their books My Chronicle Book Box gives them something a bit more interesting than a book token or book. You can choose from

  • Crime and Mystery – monthly or quarterly
  • Sci- Fi and Fantasy – monthly

Each box comes with a beautifully wrapped signed edition book and other goodies. This really is a perfect gift for the book lover




Lansinoh’s Lanolin Lip Balm is 100% natural, helping your lips to restore their moisture balance. The balm is single ingredient, containing only highly purified lanolin, which activity nourishes your lips by creating a soothing barrier and locking in hydration.

The lip balm is a rich, effective moisturiser which helps soothe and protect very dry chapped lips. Easy-to-use and compact enough to take on the go, it will keep your lips protected from the elements all year round.


Toff London

toff london

Everyone loves jewellery for Christmas, and this beautiful Toff London Watch with a festive red robin face is a perfect gift idea.  You can choose to personalise the watch with the colour of the case, the strap and other features.  They have a huge selection of styles and images to suite every ones preference.


Colour Me Beautiful

Who does not love to receive make up at Christmas, especially with meeting up with friends and family, and not forgetting New Years Eve celebrations. Colour Me Beautiful are image consultants, they have colour and style experiences that make fabulous Christmas gifts.  They also have a beauty collection including their refillable make-up collection.



echor end of day candle

The Echor End Of Day Candle, is a great gift for anyone who struggles with drifting off to sleep. The candle

  • Will let your stress and anxiety drift away. The candle is blended with multiple essential oils including Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium & Sweet Orange. Which have been shown to reduce stress hormones and lower blood pressure. 
  • Long lasting, clean burn for up to 60 hours. The slow-burning Vegan soy wax is 100% natural and hand poured in the UK into  premium glass jar with wooden lid. It doesn’t release any toxins, carcinogens or pollutants. 
  • Wake up feeling more refreshed.  Research-based oil blend includes pure Lavender Essential Oil which has been found to increase the amount of slow-wave sleep allowing you to wake up with more energy the following morning. 
  • Open your airways. Geranium, has been found to have natural anti-inflammatory properties and may help to reduce snoring caused by sinusitis. 
  • Truly therapeutic. The essential oils we use in our candles are 100% pure, natural and vegan friendly. 



All women love skin creams, but finding ones that will work great and give you protection as well is always a bonus, Altruist provide just that, with their range including –

  • Dry Skin Repair Cream – A carefully balanced, protective cream that helps strengthen the skin, restore the body’s natural barrier function and prevent moisture loss. Formulated with urea and glycerin to repair, smooth and reduce roughness without irritation by restoring moisture, promoting healing and enhancing hydration. Formulated to support people with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and dry, rough or scaly skin.
  • Face Fluid – Moisturising antioxidant facial sunscreen with 5 star ultra UVA rating (PPD 54). Delivers broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB radiation, exceeding EU standards. Enriched with Vitamin E to prevent cellular damage from UV induced free radicals and reactive oxygen species. The formula is designed for sensitive skins and to help reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature skin ageing.
  • Moisturising Fluid – The cream is designed to create more youthful, radiant looking skin by using low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which penetrates deeply into the epidermis.  Enriched with glycerin, urea and shea butter to enhance the skin’s natural moisturising factors, the light formulation makes the perfect face moisturiser and can be used as a day or night cream.


Bijoux De Mimi

bijou de mimi

Everyone loves to receive jewellery and this gorgeous stacker set from Bijoux De Mimi, which are very popular this season.  They come in a range of colours

  • Blue
  • Crystal
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Green

So a colour for everyone


Alteya Organics

alteya organics

Made with 100% pure, natural, and organic flower water. Alteya Organics White Rose Water contains therapeutic, balancing, and moisturising properties. It can be used after cleansing the skin as a toner, as a makeup primer, or spritzed throughout the day for an extra boost of hydration to the skin.

Lily & Rabbit

 If you are looking for beauty products that are a little different to the usual gift sets, Lily & Rabbit have some lovely soaps that are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom or shower, and they work beautifully and efficiently on the skin. First launching with the Goat’s Milk Range, made with soothing goat’s milk from local Yorkshire farms, combined with olive oil and castor oil for a lovely lather. All of the Goat’s Milk soaps are gentle, mild and non-irritating for sensitive skin. Following, Lily & Rabbit’s most recent launch is their Vegan Range, formulated with coconut milk and coconut oil for a nourishing cleanse that does not dry out the skin. All in this range are suitable for face and body.

Little Ant

little ant

Little Ant offer a lovely unique gift for the home with their letterbox dried boquets.  The Vanilla dried flower bunch consists of rustic + neutral tones. Or one of their other great sets.

  •  Carefully sourced + hand packed dried flowers
  • Flower stems are approximately 20cm in length
  • Forever wild letterbox flower bunch
  • Mini cotton bag
  • 100% recyclable from top to bottom
  • Free delivery in mainland UK


The Beauty Worx

Every woman loves creams and lotions, and if you are looking at making a beauty hamper or stocking fillers she will love these creams from The Beauty Worx.

  • Facial Cleanser -Multifunctional Hyaluronic Acid Face Cleanser is a sulfate free, gentle facial cleanser that is formulated with plant based ingredients. It will  leave your skin soft, hydrated and moisturised.
  • Collagen Boost Day Cream – increases collagen, elastin production and visibly smoothes wrinkles.
  • Retinol Recovery Night Cream – helps to reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines & wrinkles and has skin lifting properties.



For those who suffer with chronic illness or health issues, CBD can help with your symptoms. Potyque have a range of oils and a calming cream. Potyque CBD oil is widely respected and trusted not only for its premium quality, but also, its all-round healing ability. Now we have blended an all new Calming Cream to give the same CBD effect to soothe and nourish your skin. Clinically developed for healing, our Calming Cream is perfect for anyone who cares about their skin and is especially good for those with inflammatory skin conditions and helps with dry, itchy, and flaky skin.


Love Leggings

One thing we all love is our leggings, and one brand I always turn to for leggings is Love Leggings, who offer quality leggings that fit great, wash and wear well and are not thin enough to show what underwear you are wearing that day.  They are great for wearing during the day, or jazzing up for an evening out.  They have leggings and jeggings for every shape and size, from kids to adults and maternity.


Voucher Express Gift Card


If you are still stuck for ideas on what to get, why not opt for a Voucher Express Gift Card.  You can either choose a gift card to be delivered or if you have left it too late can purchase an e-gift card.  The Voucher Express Gift Card can be redeemed an a wide number of shops so will be a much welcome gift to receive.


Rebel True Wireless Earphones


Free your mind and your music with Rebel True Wireless Earphones, offering a True Wireless Audio experience in a compact and elegant design. Dive into the details of your favourite songs with Rebel’s ultra-comfortable and noise-isolating ear tips. Consciously crafted from natural bamboo, Rebel lets you listen with purpose from a product with purpose.


Revamp Progloss Deepform Straight and Style Blow Dry Brush

Blow Dry Brush

Combine drying, brushing and styling together with the Revamp Progloss Deepform Straight & Style Blow Dry Brush. This styling brush can be used as an air styler or hot straightening brush, on wet and dry hair. Built with three adjustable settings to allow for complete control of the airflow and temperature. The combination of deeper detangling bristles and ceramic straightening bristles allow for large sections of hair to be styled with complete ease. Powerful Ionic jets work to tame frizz and create salon-smooth results. Additionally, infused with Progloss super smooth oils to give your hair enhanced shine and lustre. With a compact, light-weight design and 3m salon-swivel cable for extra comfort and styling flexibility. Simply glide the brush through your hair to dry, detangle, smooth and style your hair.




Transformulas Marine Miracle The Skin Discovery Set, is a great gift anyone would love to receive.

This powerhouse skin care duo is designed to reset your skin and deliver de-ageing results. Covering all your daily skin care needs for face and eyes, our supercharged, anti-ageing formulas are loaded with potent, active ingredients, antioxidants and sea marine extracts that work on a cellular level, addressing all the skin concerns that come with ageing, transforming skin within 30 days*

Marine Miracle EyeZone Advanced Eye Concentrate 10ml/0.35floz

Marine Miracle Crème Signature Moisturiser 50ml/1.7floz

30 Days Results

Day 1: With one application, skin is drenched in moisture, super boosting hydration levels for an immediate softening and plumping effect.

Day 7: Skin appears more cushioned, fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. Face is fresher looking.

Day 30: Skin is firmer, lines and wrinkles are minimised, skin appears plumper, more youthful and healthier looking.


Half The World Away

half the world away

Half The World Away by Rebecca Banks, is a real chick flick book to switch off and curl up and read.

Divorced and keeping a heart-breaking secret, Abbie Potter is sleep-walking through her life as a publicist at a London football club. She seems to spend more time covering their scandals than celebrating their wins, and has had enough. Though she is already prepared for a fresh start some shocking news pushes her to take an opportunity even further from home in Salt Lake City.

Available to buy at Amazon.


This guide is a mix of gifted and non gifted items

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  • Eileen M Loya
    3rd November 2021 at 1:20 pm

    This is a great gift guide for my girl friends and cousins who are hard to gift. I think the smart screen would be good gift!

    • admin
      3rd November 2021 at 2:18 pm

      It can be hard to find inspiration and not get the same thing all the time, I love the smart screen especially as I am a glasses wearer as well

  • Sim @ Sim's Life
    3rd November 2021 at 3:41 pm

    Some fabulous suggestions! I really like the idea of fabric wrap, fastening it with a ribbon, such a great way to be more eco friendly when wrapping. I’m a terrible wrapper and waste far too much paper! 🙁 Love the idea of a book subscription too! Sim x

    • admin
      3rd November 2021 at 4:12 pm

      I honestly had no idea about fabric wrapping before I saw this and think it is such a great idea the book subsription is a great gift for those who have a love of reading

    3rd November 2021 at 9:15 pm

    That is a really good range of options. I think the collagen boost day cream would be perfect for my mum. She loves beauty products as gifts.

    • admin
      4th November 2021 at 7:43 am

      I am using the cream at the moment and loving it, a great gift for beauty product lovers

  • Rebecca Smith
    4th November 2021 at 12:36 pm

    I love the look of the lap desk and the My Chronicle book box – those are gifts that are right up my street!

    • admin
      4th November 2021 at 3:18 pm

      C is using the lap desk, and is loving it, I wish I had kept it for myself now, the My Chronicles Book Box is such a lovely gift

  • Astrid
    4th November 2021 at 5:39 pm

    This is such a great gift guide! I am a fan of skincare products, so some of these are definitely right up my street. I also think I’d love the Craftiosity subscription box.

    • admin
      5th November 2021 at 8:30 am

      I love my skin care products as well, the cratiosity box is lovely for those who do love crafts

  • michelle twin mum
    5th November 2021 at 1:59 pm

    Loads of great ideas there and thanks for introducing me to Nuture. I need a new brand that can help me with some scars.

    • admin
      8th November 2021 at 10:21 am

      You are welcome it is great to find new brands I love creams and lotions and love finding new ones to try

  • Laura Schwormstedt
    9th November 2021 at 2:42 am

    These are some really great gift ideas, I really love the Toff London watch – super cute

    Laura x

    • admin
      9th November 2021 at 8:51 am

      The Toff watch is lovely and they have so many designs and options


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