The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum

The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum

It is the new year, and I have decided to start a new series on the blog called The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum.

This is going to be a lighthearted look at the what has been going on in my life, household and anywhere else in the past week or so.

10th January 2020

Doing a public service

scary face

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič – @specialdaddy on Unsplash

Let us start this on New Years Eve.  In years gone by we would be donning our glad rags and heading out with friends to party the night away and see in the New Year.  This year we were in bed by 9pm, with all thoughts of going out firmly out of the equation.  We were both suffering with some virus thing that was going around which did not help.

The thought of having to shower and wash and style my hair, felt like so much effort.  For the record I had not decided to start the new year dirty I had a bath in the afternoon, which I needed to try to warm up. But then having to do my make up and try to make myself look presentable and not like I am an extra on a Halloween set would be a real challenge.  So there we were in bed with a hot drink and wishing each other happy new year while watching a film.

At least I did my public duty by not scaring the public.


As a lot of you know my Daughter C is very artistic.  She does some amazing artwork and this is the thing that helps her through her illness.

This is her latest masterpiece

So looking at updating areas of my social media and blog, I asked what I thought was a normal easy questions. Can she draw a picture of me? Now she has plenty to choose from and chose one from when her Dad was messing about in the Summer  stuck his ice cream on my head and pronounced I was a Unicorn.

This she did in one day of me asking, although I thought it funny I was not letting on.  I told her I could not use this and could she do another one, I am still waiting.

However, I think this fits perfectly with this section so will be using this picture, as it is all about laughs.

Mum on a mission

busy mum

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Fast forward to the start of this week and I needed to make a Dr appointment for my Daughter.  Now as we all know  this is not an easy task, but with a menopausal woman and Mum on a mission I was not going to be defeated.

I got on my phone and started ringing at 8am when the phones go live and kept trying until I got through before 8.15.  Not bad going but they had no appointments.  Now this was before I had even had a sip of coffee and everyone knows this is not a good mix.  Then asked for a telephone appointment they could not do that, and eventually was told to ring back after 8.30.

At 8.30 I rang again and this time got through within 5 minutes, to be told no appointments.  Not giving up I eventually got an appointment for later that afternoon.  Unfortunately with the GP who hates me, but I went in and was polite and she was actually very helpful.

Losing the will


Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Yesterday, we had a hospital appointment for C to have a scan.  Long story short scan ok but sent to A&E for further investigation.  They wanted a sample from her, this is where I lost the will to live.  Would she do a sample no.  I sat there plying her with water, talking about waterfalls, sitting going drip, drip, drip and talking about running water.  Talking about her little dance she used to do when needing to go when she was little.  Nothing worked.

This is just an introduction really. I often have my husband going really when one of my classic comments come out.  I am going to start to log them and will share with you.  And for all you menopausal women out there you are not alone lets embrace this.

The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum

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Comments (26)

  • michelle twin mum 5 months ago Reply

    I think I am perimenpausal and my big thign I have noticed is memory failure. I’ll be speaking and just can’t recall a word I want. my teens find it super funny! Loving your ice cream pic. Mich x

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    I am in fully swing I get the not being able to remember the word you want or even what you were talking about, my family sound just as supportive as yours. And thank you she found it very funny x

  • Cassie Mayers 5 months ago Reply

    I love your daughters picture of you! Very creative and good choice of pic to choose to do of you 🙂

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    Thank you she thought it was very funny but it is perfect for this x

  • Jenny 5 months ago Reply

    Your daughter is really talented, I love her illustration of you and can’t wait to see more of her designs.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    Thank you, she is very talented and i am hoping she does a proper one of me that I can also use x

  • Sarah Bailey 5 months ago Reply

    Oh my goodness how talented is your daughter. I love the picture she did of you – it’s just so much fun, shows personality.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    Thank you she is, I love how she makes me look so much younger 🙂

    Anne Fraser 4 months ago Reply

    I love your daughter’s drawings. Does she want to go to arthe college?

    admin 4 months ago

    Thank you and yes she does x

  • Elizabeth Williams 5 months ago Reply

    I love the idea of your new series and look forward to reading more in the series. Your daughter is very talented and I think the one she did of you is perfect for this series. I hate the nightmare of trying to get a doctor’s appointment.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    Thank you, and she is taltented and the picture is perfect for this

  • Eilidh Gallagher 5 months ago Reply

    Love this idea for a series, great for people to relate. Also your daughter is very talented x

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    Thank you, I hope it does help those going through it know they are not alone and also see the funny side of it

  • Laura 5 months ago Reply

    Oh I adore the drawing of you she has done, you look like a beautifully smiley unicorn 🙂

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you yes she does x

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you and she made me look younger x

  • Jenni 4 months ago Reply

    Oh those illustrations are just wonderful! How talented your daughter is. It really is impossible to get a dr’s appointment in good time, we have to ring so many times here just to get through.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    She is very good, I get so frustrated trying to get a dr appointment

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    She3 is talented, I get so frustrated when trying to get a dr appointment x

  • Kara Guppy 4 months ago Reply

    Those drawings are amazing, what a talented girl. I think I am hitting the menopause too so will be following with interest, I am sure we are all going to have some amusing stories to tell

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    She is very talented even if she did not draw what I wanted haha. The menopause is full of funny stories x

  • Natasha Mairs 4 months ago Reply

    I LOVE the drawing of you as a unicorn, so cute!! Your daughter is really talented

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you I love it as I look so much younger x

  • Gosh, your daughter is such a talented artist. You’ll have to get her to do some commissions during the periods she isn’t feeling too bad.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you, I have tried but she just looks at me as if I have two heads haha

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