Price’s Candles Review And Giveaway

prices candles

I love having a nice smelling home.  When you walk in a room and are hit with a fragrance that puts a smile on your face.

I am very well-known in my home for having various methods of making my rooms smell as I want them.  But one thing I do love is my candles.  Especially in the evenings when I am finally sitting down and relaxing, I find lighting a candle really does make me feel happy and relaxed.  As the flame flickers and the aroma spreads around my room.

A Little History On Price’s Candles

Price’s Candles have been manufacturing candles since 1830, and by the end of the century they were the largest maker of candles in the world. Price’s Candles also have a long and close association with the Royal Family, and when they launched their new composite candle, it coincided with the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert.  Today it holds a Royal Warrant for Her Majesty The Queen, and this royal status means that they supply candles for many Royal State occasions.

The Fragrance Collection

Price’s Candles have recently launched the fragrance Collection, especially designed for today’s market.  There are 30 scents available of fresh floral, fruity, woody, spicy and sweet.

My Personal Choice

vanilla cupcakeVanilla Cupcake – A delicious sugary combination of sweet vanilla and luxurious buttercream, this candle is utterly irresistible.

I always tend to be drawn towards vanilla scents, and this was not a let down.  If you love the smell of fresh baking and buttercream.  You will love the aroma of this candle.  I lit this in my kitchen and my family thought I had been baking.

warm cashmereWarm Cashmere – Combining notes of warm cashmere wood, musk and vanilla bean, this fragrance is calming and gentle,making it a fine addition to any contemporary home.

I am loving the fragrance of this candle and has to be my new favourite aroma at the moment.  I light this in the evenings while relaxing.

These are just two of the fragrances that are in their extensive range, I know I have my eye on a few more to try.

The candles all come in a range of sizes and prices starting at £3.50 for 25 hours burn time up to £18.00 for 150 hours burn time.

The Giveaway

If you would like to own your Prices Candle of your choice.  Click on the link above and choose your favourite fragrance.

One winner will win a Boxed Jar Candle of their choice.

Boxed Jar Candle

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Good luck


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  1. I love vanilla scent, I use the air wick vanilla plug ins which smell diving so id love to try the vanilla cupcake xx

  2. Warm cashmere sounds like it would be a lovely, fresh and clean scent that would make my house smell welcoming.

  3. They all sound lovely, but I think perhaps Vanilla Cupcake… love the thought of my home always smelling like fresh baking!

  4. I’d chose the lavender and lemongrass as lavender is one of my favourite scents for candles and reminds me of my granny.

  5. These look lovely! I’m big on the more natural candle scents so I’d go with Frangipani or White Jasmine for sure

  6. vanilla cupcake sounds amazing… that could just be because I’m on a diet and cant stop thinking about cake

  7. I would choose Lily for the Valley as it is one of my favourite flowers, although Spa Moments does sound very relaxing.

  8. mandarin and ginger sounds like a wonderful combination. Ginger always reminds me of Christmas and the good times we had when I was younger.

  9. Oooh cherry blossom sounds lovely 🙂 so many gorgeous scents in the list it’s hard to choose!

  10. They all sound so i would be happy with a surprise of any of them . If i had to choose id go for warm cashmere xx

  11. I would choose Vanilla Cupcake, I adore the fragrance of vanilla. To me it’s so homely and welcoming.

  12. Warm cashmere for my lovely wife Susan who’s a fabulous mum to our son’s and this year we celebrate 36 wonderful years together

  13. So many of them sound divine, but my first choice would be ‘Open Window.’I imagine it to be so clean and fresh smelling, like a breath of fresh air.

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