Luxury Holidays For Couples

Luxury Holidays For Couples

With lockdown easing, what seemed like something that we would not be able to consider a few months ago, is becoming more of a reality.  Many of us have had to cancel or postpone our summer holidays this year.  I know that with the risk of Corona Virus being there, we will not be travelling abroad with C this year.

We are very lucky to have my parents, who step in and look after her to give us a break and recharge.  Meaning we are ready to fight yet another battle we have to face with her illness.

Recently, we have been looking at holidays for couples and have a few which we are considering, with the help of Voyage Prive.


I love Greece, have been to a few of the Greek Islands, but have many more places we would love to explore. Santorini is an island which is famed for its whitewashed town which are perched on high volcanic cliffs. With history going back to the 17th century. With plenty to see and do, relaxing by the pool or wandering through the pretty villages of white washed walls and blue domed churches.  This is definitely on top of the list of holiday destinations.



I always look at holidays in the Maldives, I would love to stay in one of these properties with the sea beneath me. The Maldives is famed as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.  Offering the perfect place for peace and quiet.  This would be the perfect luxury holiday to rest and relax by the indian ocean, with its white sandy beaches.



We have talked for a few years about going to Thailand.  We originally were looking for my 50th birthday, but did not manage to get there.  We love everything we have seen and heard about Thailand, from the culture, to the food and not to mention shopping.  If we went we would probably look at a 2 stay with the first part being busier and then transferring to a more relaxing end to our stay.



As much as we love our beach holidays, we also love city breaks as well.  I love history and have wanted to visit Rome for a long time.  It is full of history spanning 28 centuries.  With relaxing breaks and watching the those around you while you stop for a coffee or lunch., romantic evenings with dinner and wine.



I have been to Malta many years ago now though.  It is such a beautiful place to visit, especially if you want a relaxing and restful holiday.  If you are a film nut you can also visit the set of the film Popeye.  It is such a quiet holiday, and you forget how busy towns get when you go back into normality. It is definitely somewhere I would love to visit again.



Many of you will know we visited Paris a few years ago with C.  We have always said we would love to go back again.  We walked miles and did take in a lot of the tourist sites.  Although we saw the outside, we never made it inside the Louvre as the queues were so long.  This would be a perfect city break to go back to and also not too long in travel time.

These are just 6 destinations we have talked about, it really does depend on how C is to how far we go and how long we go for.  With Voyage Prive you get access to some amazing deals, which you can book at very short notice.  You can also tailor the deals to sort the type of holiday you are looking for. I know I will be booking with them soon.

Do you have any travel plans?

Luxury Holidays For Couples




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  1. My husband and I went to Rome pre kids (13 years ago now) and LOVED it. I’d love to go to the Maldives too

  2. These sound like some amazing places to head away as a couple. Part of me would absolutely love to head away to a sunny place and just relax for a while with my other half.

    1. I need a holiday, we have had so much pressure and stress lately, we are hopefully going away to South of France in September for a week fingers crossed

  3. We’ve visited Rome and Paris but with kids so it wasn’t exactly romantic! We’d love to visit the Maldives just the two of us. Maybe when the kids are older!

  4. IT would be lovely for my wife and i to get a holiday together,unfortunately we don’t have the child care, in 14 years we have no more than 5 nights away from the kids, in the last near 5 years we have had none, these holidays sound great and one da we can maybe do it, at least the lockdown issues might be over by then.

    1. It is hard to get away as a couple when you have kids, I am lucky my parents do step in and look after C if we can get away x

  5. This is making me want to head for a holiday now! Malta and Maldives are both on my list to travel, I definitely need a holiday soon

  6. We have a trip to Portugal planned for the first week of November which was rearranged from the end of March when it was cancelled. But other than that we’re not making too many plans at the moment. I think we want to do an all-inclusive sun holiday next summer if we can x

  7. It had been many moons since I visited Malta, but it is such a fabulous destination for families, couples or single travellers! Oh to be on a sun soaked beach right now! 🙂 x

  8. These all sound like lovely holidays, I really hope that you get to go away on them soon and enjoy the sun x

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