Love Corn Review and Giveaway

Love Corn Review and Giveaway

One thing you can guarantee in any home, is snacks. It is the one thing we always have in our house from healthy options of fruit or vegetable sticks to the less healthy option of crisps, biscuits etc.

As a parent I understand the need for snacks, if honest I love to graze throughout the day.  My family are the same as well, but we don’t always want the healthy options, we want the salty savoury snacks of crisps.

love corn selection

I have now found a way to enjoy the savoury snacks that our also healthy, and they taste great too.  Let me introduce you to Love Corn, a premium crunchy corn snack. A great savoury snack that is available in four great flavours that will satisfy your need for a snack.  Another great plus for me is my fussy daughter loves them as well.

Sea Salt

sea salt

Smoked BBQ

smoked bbq

Salt & Vinegar

salt & vinegar

Habanero Chilli

habanero chilli

Love Corn are also gluten free and vegan so suitable for everyone to try.

How to enjoy Love Corn

Not only are they great as a snack to eat straight from the packet, they can also be added to salads to give an extra crunch, and add extra flavour. I have also added the chilli Love Corn to a pasta dish I make where where I usually add pine nuts and it really made a tasty alternative.

If you would like to try Love Corn I have a special discount code giving you 20% off your purchase just head to the Love Corn website and add CRUNCH20 at the checkout.

The Giveaway

If you would like to win a selection of Love Corn snacks I have a selection to giveaway to one winner.  See how to enter below.  Please make sure you follow both StressedMum and Love Corn on Instagram to validate your entry.

Love Corn Giveaway

Good luck

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Love Corn Review and Giveaway




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  1. Salt and Vinegar! I tried these when they first launched and I thought they were great, but I’ve only had the Habenero Chilli (they pack a punch!) so I’d love to try the other flavours

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