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Let Pigly Help With Our Finances

One thing we have all realised this past few months, whilst in lockdown, is just how vulnerable we are.  Not just with our health, but with our finances as well.

Pigly, is a website to help those going through a financial crisis.

About Pigly



Pigley is a reliable webite that relates to all your personal finances.  After reading a 2018 survey the team behind Pigly, wanted to create a site to help people solve their personal finance issues.  Run by a group of talented IT and communication professionals, who are dedicated to providing consumers with a free suite of online calculators.  To enable you to save your time and money. Offering help with

  • Savings
  • Morgages
  • Credit Cards
  • Vehicles
  • Loands
  • Debts
  • Budgeting
  • Business

By using the online calculators, which are reviewed by experts to ensure accuracy and reliability.  You can use these free without any registration.

Using the calculators

The calculators are very user friendly.  Each section is listed and you can then chose which calculator you would like to use. You can literally use a calculator for anything for example

  • Budget planning – lunch savings
  • Savings calculator – to reaching your savings goals
  • Measuring your net worth
  • Save for retirement
  • Loans calculator
  • Comapre credit cards
  • And so many more options

Pigly is also used in schools to teach school children about budgeting, saving and debt.  As you have no log in details or registration to complete and another benefit of no adverts that pop up.  You can check on anything and everything with the safe knowledge that only you know what you are looking at.

My Opinion


Over the years we have all used a calculator to see how affordable a loan is for example.  I like the fact this is anonymous and there is no trail back to you.  Especially in our current climate, where many families are facing financial worries, they will be able to use a calculator to try to work out a plan and find that glimmer of hope things will improve.

Have you used Pigly before.

Let Pigly Help With Our Finances







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