Let’s Sail Away On A Cruise

Let's Sail Away On A Cruise

You may have remembered last November we went on our first cruise.  It was a mini cruise for C’s 16th birthday. This has given us the cruise bug and had us looking at other cruises.

With the lockdown easing and being able to travel, now is the time to look for good deals this year.


Something a bit different

Norwegian Fjords

With having time on our hands recently, we have found it easier to look at the different cruises that are available.  One we do fancy doing is a fjord cruise.

As my husband is a keen photographer, we wanted something a bit different to your usual cruise around the Med.  Where we had beautiful scenery to look at.  On a fjord cruise you sail surrounded by snow-capped peaks as you take in the Norwegian landscape, including waterfalls and soak up the history.


When we had our mini cruise last year, we felt that this is a perfect holiday and a much more relaxed way to travel.  Every little detail is taken care for you. While you are being entertained or sleeping you are on your way to your next port ready for a new adventure.  Taking in sites of a new city.

What is included on a cruise?

  • Delicious full board cuisine.
  • Afternoon teas and late night snacks.
  • Captain’s Cocktail Party (cruises of 6 nights or more).
  • Self service tea & coffee (6am to midnight).
  • Big show entertainment, cabarets and classical interludes.
  • Daytime activities and leisure facilities.
  • Guest speaker and arts & crafts (cruises of 5 nights or more).
  • Porterage of luggage, port to cabin.
  • Port Taxes.

If you are looking at going on holiday especially a cruise, lockdown has done one thing for us.  Holidays are much cheaper.  The fjord cruise we have looked at is half price at the moment making it even more affordable to book that trip you may have been putting off.

Let's Sail Away On A Cruise

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  1. The Fjord cruise is one that I’d really like to do. My Dad has hoped to take my Mum one day but now that she has passed away, I hope to still give him the chance.

    You’re right, from a photographer point of view it would be incredible x

  2. Iv never been on a cruise yet,but would love to go, my mum had been around the med and keeps telling me how amazing cruises are, ill show her this post.

    1. We experienced our first one on a mini cruise last year for our Daughters 16th and it was amazing, I have a cruise booked for January for my husbands 50th fingers crossed x

  3. I would love to experience taking a cruise. Haven’t been on one but I do love reading about other people’s cruise experiences. It must be so exciting. Hopefully, I will get to experience it too someday.

  4. I have never been on a cruise, I have to admit though I would absolutely love to one day. I think it sounds like a wonderful way to see the world.

    1. We took C on a mini cruise for her 16th birthday last year, and fingers crossed I have a cruise booked for January for my husbands 50th they are amazing x

  5. ooh this does sound good. I would love to go on a mini cruise with my family. I took my daughter once for just 48 hours but would like to maybe doing a longer one with her now she is older. The Fjord cruise sounds great.

    1. We have looked at a Fjord cruise a few times, we took our Daughter on a mini cruise last year for her 16th birthday and we all loved it x

  6. We havent been on a mini cruise or big cruise to be honest, hopefully one day we will be able to and the mini one sounds great.

  7. It has been a few good years since I last went for a cruise and I would love to head for on especially to see the Fjords

  8. Oh, a cruise would be perfect right now!! I’d love a Fjord cruise, or round the Mediterranean!

    I haven’t crossed before, but I know the kids would love it!

  9. I would definitely love to go on a cruise – such a wonderful holiday idea and much needed after the recent situation!

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