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Laser Tools and Skin Health Improvement

There is no disputing how important lasers are to humans. Since the discovery of the power of those concentrated beams of light, they have been used in increasingly more important ways across a multitude of industries. As far as skincare lasers go, the treatment options you have now even greatly surpass those of just a decade or two ago. That is because now changes are taking place in laser skincare circles all the time. Here are some things to know about the link between laser tools and skin health improvement.

The Lowdown on Laser Calibration and Function

A laser is a light-based device, but it is important to understand there are differences in the functions of light-based devices. For example, LED light therapy is not laser treatment. Some light therapies use bands or pulses of light to treat your skin. Some of those are “cool light” therapies. However, a laser always produces light of one color. It also always produces that light in a focused beam.

The wavelength of one laser can be different from that of another. That can also cause variations in beam colors. Previously, though one laser could vary from another, each was quite unique in its specializations. However, Nylo Aesthetics procedures and the procedures offered by other top companies now include treatments with devices that can have multiple calibrations. Having single devices that can perform multiple functions has been a huge improvement in the industry.

Lasers for the Treatment of Darker Skin

One of the biggest improvements in clinical skincare with lasers in recent years has been the ability to use lasers to treat darker skin. Darker skin has more melanin, which is a substance that gives it its color. Previously, many lasers disrupted the melanin, leaving patchy, discolored areas. Additionally, lasers were not good at treating dark skin because they used to primarily work by looking for darkness. That meant they treated dark blemishes. When all of the skin was dark, they could not target the blemishes they needed to treat.

Nowadays, many lasers are able to treat darker skin because they are adjusted accordingly. That means, if your skin is dark, you can definitely benefit from the right type of laser treatment. However, there are still some considerations. For example, dark skin is often more oily than light skin. If your skin is super oily, it is at risk for burns resulting from laser treatment.

Pulsed and Prolonged Laser Treatment Differentiation

Another thing to understand about modern skincare laser treatments is you can choose from traditional laser procedures or pulsed laser procedures. Traditionally, lasers were simply pointed at your skin for somewhat long periods to treat it. Today, laser light can be applied in pulses. That gives an extra layer of precision. It also minimizes damage while maximizing results. That way your skin can heal faster and with fewer potential complication.

CO2 Laser Procedure Improvements to Recognize

Laser treatments have also improved in many other ways. For example, carbon dioxide (CO2) laser procedures were originally more involved and difficult than they are now. Today, the innovations of laser light pulses and better hand-held tools allow technicians to completely customize each treatment for the patient. Possible side effect risks are also minimized by those new devices and techniques.

Signing Up for a Laser Skincare Procedure

Signing up for a laser skincare procedure is usually a process. First, you have to talk to the experts at your clinic. Going through a basic assessment of your skin is recommended. That can help you pick the right laser skincare procedure. You also need to keep in mind other options, since your local clinicians might find your skin is not ideal for laser treatment candidacy.

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