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One thing lockdown has taught us, is just how much we miss the little things in life.  Meeting family and friends, being able to pop out for a cup of tea and cake.

I know that lockdown has now been relaxed and we are now able to pop out for a walk around the shops, or a cuppa and cake with friends catching up.  But for some people this is still only a distant memory, where they are still having to isolate.

For those still unable to venture out, how about arranging a treat for them and helping charity too.  HOPE & JOY have a hamper which comes with tea, cake and therapeutic treats.

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Relax Hamper


The Relax Hamper costs £40 and £4 of this is donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.  The family who own HOPE & JOY have made it their mission to raise £1million for cancer charities across the UK.


The hamper includes –

  • Clementine & Almond cake, laden with citrus syrup
  • 5 tea pyramids of ‘Cosy Chamomile’ tea from Hoogly
  • A ‘Do Breathe’ book by Michael Townsend Williams
  • Two scented therapy balms – ‘Be Happy’ and ‘Sleep Well’ – from Scentered
  • A special greetings card, with messages ranging from ‘Special people deserve special cake’ to ‘Thinking of you’

The two greeting cards that I received.

My Opinion

When I was asked if I would like to review the hamper, my first thought was how can I refuse cake.  I have been looking at hampers to treat my Mum and Mother In Law and give them a treat.  All the hampers I have seen have had something missing and not quite what I have been looking for.  This one is perfect and has everything for a relaxing treat.

The cake is amazing and has to be tried to find out just how nice it is, as for the tea well everyone enjoys a nice cuppa with their cake. I love aromatherapy, so was over the moon with the two scented balms and have tried them and love them both. I have only had a chance to glance through the book, but have a couple of free days and will be enjoying reading it, from what I have read of it, definitely something I will enjoy.

If you are looking for a gift for someone special, or even a treat for yourself, I fully recommend this hamper.  Plus you will also be helping Cancer charities, again another area very close to my heart.

HOPE & JOY At Meg Rivers Bakers

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