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How Your Family Can Still Enjoy the Garden As Days Grow Colder

As nights become longer and colder, and days become shorter, spending time in your garden may well be the last thing on your mind. However, there are plenty of ways you can create a great outdoor space to enjoy during the colder months that will help to improve your family’s health throughout the year.

Here are some helpful tips that will allow your family to enjoy your garden as winter approaches.

1) Plant cold-friendly plants 

Cold weather doesn’t mean that your garden’s blooming days are over for a season or two- in fact there are some beautiful plants that thrive in the winter. There are some plants that will bring you a much needed pop of colour to create a happy space for you to enjoy. Some colour popping plants include; pink and purple heathers, brilliant white snowdrops, and dusty pink nerines which bloom well into the autumn. 

2) Decorate your space 

Sadly, not all plants will survive the winter, so some specific decoration can brighten up the space significantly. Winter means Christmas is coming, so therefore lights and wreaths don’t only have to live inside. Your kids will enjoy decorating some fallen pine cones to hang around the garden, too! 

3) Entertainment spaces 

Just because BBQ season is over, doesn’t mean that you can’t  use your garden to entertain- because, let’s face it, even UK summers may as well be winter! Being able to use it may require some creativity. In winter, you’ll need to find a source of heat, a source of light, and a space for people to gather.  A garden fire pit basket could be the answer to all three of these. They don’t just have to be just for winter, either, as they provide great entertainment throughout the year. Of course, you will need to make sure that children are supervised around the fire at all times! 

4) Walk on the Wild Side 

Local wildlife can struggle throughout winter, too. Working to attract wildlife to your garden can help to protect local ecosystems, as well as giving your children the perfect opportunity to learn more about the natural world. Not all animals go into hibernation throughout winter, and this can mean they experience struggle in getting the foods they need to survive.

Here’s how you can use your garden to help to attract birds, badgers, hedgehogs etc to your garden that the kids can be involved in.

  • plant trees that grow berries and seeds for the birds
  • buy and fill a bird feeder or hang fat blocks
  • throw out leftovers into your garden for wildlife to eat
  • place shallow dishes of water outside for animals to drink
  • dig the earth regularly to allow room for earthworms
  • go on a minibeast hunt with your little ones
  • set up a night camera facing your garden, inside to watch footage in the morning
  • prepare bird boxes for new nests in the spring.

What are your top tips for making the most of your garden in the winter time? 

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How Your Family Can Still Enjoy the Garden As  Days Grow Colder

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  • Mighty Mum Club
    2nd October 2020 at 9:57 pm

    What fantastic ideas, thank you so much for share. These as particularly useful with a little one who loves the outdoors!

    • admin
      3rd October 2020 at 11:03 am

      Mine used to love being outdoors more than indoors as well x


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