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Flying Private Jet Vs. Flying First Class

Choosing between flying private jet and first class is not all about an upgrade in luxury, there are other factors such as time and privacy to bear in mind. For instance, which method is most likely to experience a delay at the airport, and which is still going to require you to make your way through airport queues and ultimately guide you through the same terminal as lots of others. Private jets are becoming increasingly popular among discerning air travellers who value their time and privacy. The benefits are exceeding the costs, which can, in many cases, work out less when flying in groups. Companies such as Jettly are a name that springs to mind in relation to chartering a private jet. They offer services that will cater for most occasions.

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Speed and Efficiency

The speed of a journey by air is not just about how fast the aircraft flies but other factors affect its efficiency too. That is, luggage delays at the airport and weather delays in flight. Both are avoided when flying by private jet. The reduced number of passengers booked on a private jet mean less luggage to go astray. The security checks are quicker. The flights tend to take off when planned. The bad weather is avoided by the fact that a private jet can fly at higher altitudes above the clouds than commercial airliners, so avoids the bad weather. Commercial airliners have strict flight paths that they are required to follow in maintaining a consistent height.

In addition, extra time is saved from being able to schedule a private flight to a time of our convenience, not that set by a large commercial airline’s schedule.

Class of Flying

With large commercial airlines, passengers can upgrade to first class, but with private jets there is only one class – luxury class. Beautifully decorated interiors await passengers inside cabins in which they can spread out. Cabins with plenty of leg room and which can provide them with extended comfort while wide awake and in sleep.

The amenities on private jets are more individualized than on first-class flights. The meals will be your requirements. You will be eating and socialising among those you know and all experiencing an automatic upgrade. The price for larger groups can work out cheaper than buying a whole row of

seats in the first-class section of a regular airliner that has been booked through a large commercial airline.


We all have different reasons for valuing our privacy. It we are a celebrity it might be for security reasons or not wanting to be mobbed by fans pestering for an autograph. Many of these requests will not even be from loyal fans but those looking to profit hours later by listing them on an auction site. If might be the annoyance of being among a large crowd when all we want is to be left alone to our own peaceful thoughts. We are trying in our mind, and through trying to quietly read, to prepare for that important speech or business meeting.

Walking through and sitting in a busy airport, and then flying on a commercial flight, affords us none of this privacy. In contrast, a private jet allows us to be among a selected group of like-minded people, all travelling to the same destination for the same reason. If one businessperson needs to read, then we probably all do. If a team member wants to discuss team tactics, then it is important that all the team hear it. With privacy also comes a healthier and less claustrophobic environment to enjoy.

There is an article that you might find interesting to read which talks about the increasing popularity of flying private.

There is no doubt that when we compare the differences between chartering a private jet and flying first class, there are many extra advantages to be experienced from private jet flight. Not only can it be scheduled and get us to our destination quicker, with less time wasted in-between, it does so in a more luxurious and less intrusive way. We will have received the same service as if being served inside an exclusive restaurant.

We will have been attended to as if we were the only person to attend to. Then, in no time at all, we will be at our hen night, stag do, business meeting, scientific conference, gig, or have simply arrived at the hotel which is housing us prior to the big sporting event we are due to play in. Whatever your need, private jets can serve you like no other way of travelling by air.

Flying Private Jet Vs. Flying First Class

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