What To Do In London When The Weather Is Bad

What To Do In London When The Weather Is Bad

There is no escaping the weather, with one storm after the other, and the constant rain.  If you are going stir crazy and wanting to get out and about.  I have a few ideas of things to do in London when the weather is bad.

A Trip To The Theatre

As well as all the famous landmarks London has to offer.  There is also a great selection of shows that has something for everyone.  From families, to couples to just friends on a night out.

Mamma Mia

The Novello Theatre currently has Mamma Mia, a perfect show for families this wet and miserable half term.  Based on the hit film, this feel good musical will have everyone singing along and leaving feeling happy. The theatre is just across the road from its sister theatre the Aldwych Theatre in Westminster. A classic Victorian building, boasting high ceilings, with a long and thin auditorium. This is certainly my idea of enjoying a miserable February afternoon or evening.

If Mamma Mia is not your choice there are many more plays, musicals, comedies on offer, you can find out more and ticket prices here.

Other Things To Do In London

If you are brave enough while waiting for your show to start there are so many things to do in London to keep you busy.  Such as a trip to a museum, which there are plenty of to suit everyone’s interests. Or visiting the Tate Gallery along the Southbank.

Or there is always shopping, Oxford Street is full of shops where you can shop for hours grabbing something new or if you are lucky a bargain or two.

What do you like to do on your trips to London? Is there something you do all the time or do you try to do something new each time?

What To Do In London When The Weather Is Bad



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Comments (24)

  • Claire 1 month ago Reply

    This weather is really beginning to become depressing! I’d much rather a decent dump of snow and then spring arrive but I don’t think we will even get the cold weather!

    The theatre or even the cinema is a great idea x

    admin 1 month ago Reply

    I agree it is getting so depressing. I would love some snow for a change x

  • Joanna 1 month ago Reply

    I loved watching Mamma Mia at Novello teather, it is such a fun show, full of energy and positive vibes. It is indeed a great thing to do when it rains in London, it will put you in a good mood straight away.

    admin 1 month ago Reply

    I haven’t managed to get to see if yet, it is on my go to see list but promised I would go with my Daughter x

  • Sarah Bailey 1 month ago Reply

    My parents actually went to London on the day Storm Ciara hit – other than having issues on the train they had a lovely time, they went around the Tait I believe, I would love to head to a show – been way to long since I went to one.

    admin 1 month ago Reply

    I heard the trains were affected, we have had some lovely afternoons in the Tate you can get lost in there. I have not seen a show for a while now and would love to go I love everything from the atmosphere, to the music when the shows starts x

  • Laura 1 month ago Reply

    The theatre is definitely a great idea when the weather is miserable. I absolutely adore going to London matinee shows when it’s grey and gloomy as you always leave them feeling brighter x

    admin 1 month ago Reply

    I totally agree, seeing a show always lifts your spirits no matter what the weather is doing x

  • We love taking in a show at the theatre while were in London. A great idea for a wet and windy day!

    admin 1 month ago Reply

    There is nothing nicer than the joy of a theatre especially when it is horrible weather outside x

  • I have been so frustrated with this half term, firstly the weather has been awful, and then I hurt mt shoulder and couldn’t do anything without muttering words no Mum should ever mutter. So yes, stir crazy! Unfortunately we are a long way from London, but I do love the idea of these things, that you can do even with the Great British weather trying to spoil everything. London is a great city, and full of all kinds of things, whatever the weather.

    admin 1 month ago Reply

    It has been awful this half term, the kids get bored and we go stir crazy x

  • Lilinha 1 month ago Reply

    There are so many lovely shows at the theatre in London at the moment that I would love to see. Definitely something to keep in mind when the weather is not nice.

    admin 1 month ago Reply

    There are some great shows at the moment and perfect to go to when the weather is as bad as it has been x

  • Rhian Westbury 1 month ago Reply

    Museums are always a good shout when the weather isn’t nice as there are so many to choose from. I think indoor food markets are also a good shout as you can try loads of food x

    admin 1 month ago Reply

    We found the Design museum recently and had a great time walking around there x

    We love to visit London with the children, usually taking cover in a museum if the weather is bad.

    admin 4 weeks ago

    We used to have lots of fun in London when ours were little and museums were always a hit of where to go

  • Rae 1 month ago Reply

    With the weather being so unpredictable, always great to have options, thanks for sharing!

    admin 4 weeks ago Reply

    The weather has been really bad lately, so having a plan B and being able to get out and have fun is always something I tried to do

  • Jess Howliston 4 weeks ago Reply

    Great ideas, with the unpredictable British weather its always good to have a plan for rainy days! I have never been to the theatre but would love to go someday, I know the Natural History Museum is also on our family to do list!

    admin 4 weeks ago Reply

    It is hard to have to stay in and cancel plans and no matter the weather there is always something to do and see x

  • London is high on our family bucket list, I really hope we get to catch a theatre show with the kiddos when we do finally make it over there!

    admin 4 weeks ago Reply

    There are some amazing shows for the whole family in London x

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