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Best Gifts for a Baby Shower

A new pregnancy among your social circle can be one of the most exciting sources of joy and change. Baby showers can be a grand affair, and it is important to come prepared with a gift that will be appreciated by mother or child. The following is a collection of present ideas that are great for this scenario, and combine a personal touch with thoughtfulness and utility.

Presents for the Mother

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Essential oils are a great gift idea for a pregnant woman. Baby shower gifts should keep the mother in mind too, and while most of the focus is on the coming child, the mother should receive some attention as well. When used properly, certain oils can help alleviate feelings of nausea to aid morning sickness, reduce swelling and muscle aches, improve sleep (which can prove very uncomfortable in the later stages of pregnancy), help skin elasticity and improve the appearance of stretch marks.


It can be a good idea to buy some baby clothes in a few sizes bigger than ‘newborn.’ The parents will most likely be flooded with baby clothes in the smallest sizes for their new child, but babies grow quickly and they will no doubt be grateful for a batch of clothes which the child can grow into. This will save them money and is a very thoughtful idea. The same line of thought applies to shoes and booties, and while the cutest presents might be the smallest, what will be most appreciated in the long run is items that can be used in the future.

Make a Gift

Some of the presents with most sentimental value are handcrafted items. Which have had more thought, effort and care than your standard shop bought present. Making a handmade present can be fairly simple; for example, an easy square of knitted yarn can be a lovely baby blanket. You can find high quality materials at to begin your project, and there are lots of easy-to- follow tutorials available online to help you find inspiration and create something amazing. You can also personalise this gift far more easily at no extra cost to yourself.  Perhaps adding the baby’s name if it has already been decided.


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These are fun, inexpensive ideas for a cheerful present guaranteed to bring joy to a new born infant for years. These presents can take many forms. A small mobile to hang above the crib or pram, an adorable plush animal, or even some fun rattles to provide interesting stimuli and engage their attention. New infants love exploring different textures and materials, and there are a variety of types of toys available on the market which means you can find something really unique.

A gift like one of the above items is a great avenue to explore when deciding on a present. Either for your pregnant loved one, or their soon to arrive baby. The options provided are versatile and can be as affordable or expensive as you desire.  (Though we recommend not spending too much on anything the child will grow out of in a matter of months!).

Best Gifts for a Baby Shower

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