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Be kinder to the planet and your wallet!

The lock has taught me a lot. One of the lessons is certainly how much waste I was creating and money that I was spending on things that I simply didn’t need. The lock down has really taught me the things that are important and I think that we can agree that the pandemic has meant many of us have felt the pinch financially. So here are my top tips for how you can be more sustainable and be kinder to your pocket.

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Hate throwing away food?

Guilty of buying a little (read a lot in my case!) more than you need at the supermarket? Never fear, apps such as Olio allow you to swap, donate and exchange any extra stock that you have lying in your cupboards. Nice! Bigger businesses also have surplus foods and apps such as Toogoodtogo allow them to be connected to people who can use their left over food so it doesn’t go to waste. Guilt free feeding? I’m in!  I’ve also become a super fan of cooking my own meals whilst being at home. I have began planning day to day rather than weekly which has meant that I am able to save pounds, stay healthy and reduce the waste I would have created purchasing lunch or a takeway everyday. 


Chose refurbished tech

A recent survey showed that 83% of people in the UK worry about the impact of e waste and to be honest I agree. Did you know that annually we create 50 million tonnes of e-waste a year? Yes, you read that right and yes, that amount is just over 360day…yikes!  And even worse, the UK was the second biggest culprit after Norway in 2019. This is why I have decided to reduce waste and choose refurbished tech products. You can get the latest tech for a fraction of the price, sometimes even saving hundreds on the latest model. Fab!


These old rags? 

I don’t know about you but during lockdown I certainly had a big clear up and ended up with several binbags worth of clothing for the charity shop. Well, I’ve recently discovered some amazing apps that allow you to sell your second hand clothes to people who will offer them a second second life for cash. Apps such ass thredUP, Vinted and Poshmark are great to buy and sell old pieces all from the palm of your hand. Stylish and sustainable? Yey! 

Upcycle Ahoy! 

As I had a lot of free time during lockdown  I also became a bit of a pinterest addict which led to a new found hobby in refurbishing items that I no longer use but can find a different use for. Not only do I get t save money, prevent waste but I also get to have fun and be creative which makes love the item more than if I had brought t shiny and new. I highly recommend that you try a project and if you have children, why not get them involved too? A grat way to teach them about making do and mending, as well as keeping little ones ot of trouble! 

So what about you, have  managed to inspire you to try any of the above? Or have been on your own sustainable journey If so let me know below in the comments or via our social channels.

 Be kinder to the planet and your wallet!

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