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Are Extra-Curricular Activities Beneficial for Children?

Extra-curricular activities are a fun way for your child to try new things, meet new people and stay active. These after school hobbies might include dance, football, playing a musical instrument or even charity work.

By taking part in extra-curricular activities, your child will develop a number of important personal skills that will benefit them both socially and academically.

To highlight the importance of extra-curricular activities, a private prep school in London explains some of their key benefits below…

Time management

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Getting your child involved in extracurricular activities can help to improve their time management skills and teach them how to prioritise different commitments. Learning these skills will be useful for their future and can also help with managing stress.



Extra-curricular activities are a great way to boost your child’s self-confidence. This is because they provide an opportunity to gain new skills, explore a new environment and meet new people.
Your child may also get a chance to improve their communication, problem solving and teamwork skills, which can all contribute greatly to their future career.



Participating in extra-curricular activities is also a great way to build an impressive CV. This can help your son or daughter to stand out from the competition when applying for jobs. Your child will be able to show an employer their personal interests and what achievements these have led to.



By taking part in new creative hobbies your child will be able to explore and develop their personal styles. Art classes and drama groups are both great opportunities for your child to learn how to express themselves.



Finally, extra-curricular activities can help to improve your child’s health in a number of ways. Many extra-curricular activities are physical; such as sport and drama. These activities not only help to keep children fit and healthy, but they have also been proven to support their mental health too.

Are Extra-Curricular Activities Beneficial for Children?

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