Is Now The Time To Move

Is Now The Time To Move

One thing this year has done, is make us all take a look at our lives.  During lockdown most of us was forced to stay home.  Whether you were in a position to work from home or be on furlough.Apart from enjoying spending more time with our families, it also gave us time to take stock of our homes. I know a lot of us have managed to get all those little annoying jobs sorted, or finally redecorated after months of putting it off.  Plus with the nicer weather we have even been able to get outside and tackle our gardens.

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For me we have done a few odd jobs, but no decorating so far.  We have managed to have a huge sort out and get rid of all the clutter we no longer needed.  We did also sit and discuss renovating our bathroom, ripping the whole lot out and starting from a blank canvas.  To finally give us the bathroom we would love.

We have also discussed gutting both our bedroom and our daughters bedroom and buying new furniture and obviously decorating both rooms. It sounds like a lot but they both need updating. I know moving home might be the easier option, neither of us want to move. We are now in a position to start making bigger changes to our home to make it the home we love.

What if you can not do this in your current home?

One thing I have heard a few of my friends and family say over lockdown is their current home just does not fit their family anymore.  Or working from home is now becoming permanent and they need a permanent working space.

Luckily with working from home, does have its plus side.  You have no travel expenses, or no little trips for a coffee or lunch.  This can make a huge saving each month.

Having these savings has also given them the confidence to look at moving home, and with it being more of a buyers market at the moment they have been able to look at their finances and with the help of  a mortgage calculater, have been able to look more into making this a reality.

If moving is not an option

You can still make your current home work, it is just about looking at each room as a blank canvas and how best to utilise the space you have.

Have you done any renovations to your home this year? Or are you looking at moving due to needing more space?

Is Now The Time To Move

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  1. We’ve spent a lot of time this year working on how we can make our home work better for us. We’ve invested in new storage, had a massive clean out and we’re planning to paint the bathroom (I’ve had the paint for ages, just not got around to it!). Although I’ve been frustrated with aspects of our home over lockdown it has been a great way to take stock of how we want to live.

  2. Lockdown definitely gave us the time we needed to look at our home and decide whether we wanted to spend money doing our home up or move. We decided to make some home improvements.

  3. I am glad my home is large enough that I have an office space where I can just work and daydream but now is the time to move I think, no stamp duty lol.

  4. We have spent lockdown making our home our own, we moved into our own home not long before all this started. I think it’s made us realise that this home is perfect for us and that we can make it suit all of our needs.

    1. It is lovely when you move to a new home and then start to make it your own. Lockdown made us realise now is the time to do all the things we have talked about for so long

  5. We were lucky to get the keys to our first house just as lockdown kicked in and have done a lot of renovations during that time x

  6. My current house is not my dream house, but at the moment it is home, We still need to do a bit more decorating to it though.

  7. I would love to move house and find my forever home but my budget just won’t stretch to a million pound property with 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, with a sea view 😀

  8. I’ve noticed loads of homes being sold at the moment but I agree it is a buyers market to some degree. It’s best to decide what is best for the family before doing work on your home. Sometimes moving is the better option.

  9. Totally agree with you, while so many, including myself are doing little renovations to your house, there are many out there who are in the midst or selling their home and buying a new one.The mortgage calculator sounds like a good way for buyers to valuate their finance before a purchase

  10. It’s amazing how many people have taken up diy and home renovations during lock down, some from boredom, others from the need to create extra space. Moving might not be an affordable option but sometimes moving things around the home and decluttering can help to create that much wanted space.

  11. We are not thinking of moving because we love this house we bought almost two decades ago. I think at this time moving house would not be a good decision because of the expense. People would rather save the money they have on hand because of the uncertainty this pandemic has brought upon us.

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