Adding Colour To Our Home With Posterlounge

Adding Colour To Our Home With Posterlounge

Regular readers will know we have a love of wall art.  Whether it is framed photos, canvas or a painting.  We love to add to our home with wall art. Which is why I was excited to work with Posterlounge.

We are lucky to have not only our home, but my husbands studio which he built when doing his photography.  We have now turned this area into our hide out.  Away from the kids and where we can escape and just relax, listen to music, read.  Or where my husband can escape to play his guitars.

Through my husband, I have learnt the beauty of art and various artists.  I can now spot an artists piece just by their style.

About Posterlounge

Posterlounge want to bring a splash of colour into our homes, through wall pictures and art prints.  From classics to contemporary artists and photographers.  They have over 100,000 images on their site. So provide something for every ones tastes and preferences.

Al Pacino Scarface


One of my husbands favourite films, we chose this print on aluminum.  The print is available in various print options and sizes. We have this in our studio where we want a wall of classic film prints.

Sexy Legs Panorama

sexy legs

We chose this on canvas to go in our bedroom, like most men my husband loves legs and heels and goes perfect in our bedroom.

Through The Keyhole

through the keyhole

One wall in our studio has prints in the same style, we chose this on aluminum and it looks perfect sitting alongside the others.



Who does not love the film Casablanca, we chose this in canvas and it sits lovely on our wall next to the Scarface print above.



I love this type of art, and was lucky enough to see an exhibition at the Tate a few years back.  I chose this on canvas, as of yet I am unsure whether I want it in my lounge or my dining room and am seen walking between the two rooms seeing where I prefer it.

Auto Repair

auto repair

We chose this on canvas, to also go along the wall in the studio.  My husband chose this as it reminds him of a time I was looking under the bonnet at something and my skirt blew up.  Although I was not wearing heels or stockings at the time.

My thoughts on Posterlounge

As I have mentioned we love art, my husband is a photographer and we have photos throughout our home.  We do have some prints but not many.  We keep talking about getting more.  I love Posterlounge for their huge choice of prints available.  Plus love that you can choose them in a finish of your choice ranging from

  • Premium Poster
  • Canvas Print
  • Acrylic Print
  • Gallery Print
  • Aluminium Print
  • Foam Board Print
  • Wood Print
  • Wall Sticker

Plus you can choose which size you prefer.

The prints come securely packaged to ensure that no damage is made in transit. They ship across Europe and all prints are on demand and framed by hand.  I know we will be ordering from them again. If you would like to order some new prints I have a special discount code.  Add  STRESSEDMUM15 at the checkout until 25/10/2020 to claim a 15% discount.


Adding Colour To Our Home With Posterlounge



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  1. I absolutely love having artwork around the house. It really does bring the place alive I feel.

    You picked some great ones x

  2. Those pieces are perfect for brightening up a room. They’d make a great holiday gift for anyone who loves films.

    1. We loved their wide range of prints available and the finish to them as well, these cerainly look great in the designated spots

  3. Such a lot of choice when it comes to types of posters and artwork. I think the right artwork can really change how a room and space looks x

  4. I need to add a splash of colour and character to our home so will check out this site as I like that there is variety and different printing options.

  5. I like when the prints companies offer different options of finish. I just saw how many beautiful print options are available, and I have bookmarked the website for xmas shopping 🙂 I am sure that my partner would like the Scarface poster because he is obsessed with this movie and Al Pacino in general.

    1. They have so many different finishes and the ones we chose are really good. Don’t forget my code to get 15% off. My husband is obsessed with that film as well and often quotes from it

  6. My parents used to own an art gallery and I love having artwork around the house, it helps change the look of a room

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