A Dogs Comfort With Silentnight

A Dogs Comfort With Silentnight

As many of you know I have two dogs, and like any pet owner our pets are part of the family.  Which means that their comfort is just as important than ours.

From feeding, to walking, and grooming to feeding if like me I put them and my kids happiness first.  Which is why today we are looking at a dogs comfort and pet beds with Silentnight.

Silentnight Dog Bed Range

They currently have 3 pet beds in their collection, which all offer different levels of comfort, just as you would expect if looking for a mattress for ourselves.


Silentnight Ultrabounce

The Silentnight Ultrabounce Pet Bed provides both durability and comfort in one solution. The cover of the bed is covered in a soft-touch quilted fabric which is perfect for your pet to snuggle into. This fabric is durable and will withstand scratching and chewing. Filled with Silentnights Ultrabounce polyester fibres; these soft, fluffy fibres transformed from recycled plastic bottles. Mucky paws needn’t be a worry as the cover is removable and machine washable. Non-slip base for safety.

The Ultrabounce comes in three sizes

  • Small – H11,W60, D40cm approx
  • Medium – H11, W75, D50cm approx
  • Large – H11, W90, D60cm approx


Silentnight Airmax

The Silentnight Airmax Pet Bed is the perfect place for your pet to snuggle down and relax. The outer fabric is durable to withstand scratching and stains, and the inside is covered in soft and cosy teddy fleece lining. The reversible cushion features mesh fabric walls which allows air to travel through the cushion to prevent overheating. One side of the cushion is covered with cosy teddy fleece, whilst the other side features a cooler quilted polyester wicking fabric. Non-slip base and machine washable.

The Airmax comes in three sizes

  • Small – H18, W61, D48cm approx
  • Medium – H19, W75, D58cm approx
  • Large – H20, W90, D70cm approx


Silentnight Orthopaedic

The Silentnight Orthopaedic Pet Bed has contoured foam layer helps to distribute weight evenly to reduce pressure points and sooth aches and pains for a relaxing and comfortable sleep. Covered in a durable outer fabric to withstand wear and tear, scratching and stains. The inside of the bed provides a lovely sleep environment for your pet and the high sides help to keep your pet cosy and secure, whilst the dropped front ensures easy access. Non Slip Base and removable machine washable cover.

The Orthopaedic comes in three sizes

  • Small – H17, W65, D49cm approx
  • Medium – H18, W80, D59cm approx
  • Large – H19, W95, D69cm approx

The prices on these vary according to which bed you choose and size.

We all look for the best mattress for ourselves, why not choose the best one for your dog as well.


A Dogs Comfort With Silentnight




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    1. I remember those days of chew everything they see, luckily they don’t last forever although one of our old dogs was like this until a few weeks before he died a very old man x

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