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5 Quick Fixes to Lift your Home

Your home is your castle, and anyone with children knows how quickly a home can go from looking homely and loved to tired and worn out. With a busy family in and out of your home on a daily basis, things can start to look unloved very quickly. To restore your home back to its former glory, there are a few quick fixes you can do which won’t cost you a lot of money or take up a lot of time.

1. Add a lick of paint

Give those tired-looking rooms a lick of paint. It is amazing what a couple of coats of fresh paint does. If you wanted to, you could also add feature wallpaper. Feature wallpaper can set off furniture you might never have really noticed before. Preparation is the key to getting a good finish with your painting, so sand down rough walls and clean with sugar soap before adding a new coat of paint.

2. Lay some new flooring

Get rid of those laminate floors that may be chipping and peeling away, and install some gorgeous striped carpet from this London carpet store. Carpet is perfect for bedrooms and living areas, but for heavy-foot traffic areas, think about getting real wood flooring laid. Remember, this, of course, will look fabulous in any room, so if you love the look, add it throughout the home, layering it up with rugs to complete the look.

3. Upcycle your kitchen cabinets

If you fancy a sleek grey kitchen but don’t want the stress or expense of a new kitchen, then you can use cupboard door paint. There are lots of ranges of kitchen cupboard paint, which literally goes straight onto your existing cupboard doors. All you need to do is clean the doors, prepare them and paint, and then leave them to set.

4. Sort out the clutter

Clutter can quickly make us feel weighed down. Items left out on worktops and floors can make any room look messy and unloved, so invest in some storage units (either free- standing or built-in) to hide away all that clutter that seems to appear from nowhere.

5. Give soft furnishings a good clean

Sofas and chairs are prone to showing where bottoms have sat or where quick mealtimes may have been had, so get your soft furnishings cleaned by a professional, or consider investing in a carpet shampooer which is worth its weight in gold (especially if you have small children or visiting grandchildren).

Spending time on improving your home is rewarding. Time, energy and patience are essential, and with all three together, even on the smallest of budgets, it is possible to makeover rooms and make them look fabulous once again. If you are struggling for
inspiration or ideas, or you just need a bit of direction, then before your project, take some time out to focus on how you will use the room once it is done. Will your room have a new use, or will it be a multifunctional room such as playroom meets kitchen/diner. Once you know how you will use a room, decorating and styling it seems just that little bit easier.

5 Quick Fixes to Lift your Home

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