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4 Surprising Things People Try To Flush Down

In recent years, journalists have entertained the audience with the stories of giant fatbergs that have been found in the sewers of big cities. The latest solid monster in date was found in January in Sidmouth, Devon. At around 64 metres long, the Devon fatberg could have put the quality of the bathing waters at risk if it had been evacuated to the sea. Thankfully, however, it was discovered in good time to be removed without affecting the environment. 

4 Surprising Things People Try To Flush Down

Fatbergs might sound like a click-baiting news article. But they are a real risk to the sewage system and the environment. More importantly, as plumbers could tell you, they are entirely human-made. Indeed, everything you flush down the toilet and that doesn’t belong in the pipes is likely to turn up in a fatberg soon or later.

Don”t flush your goldfish

Oops I dropped the wax

Summer is the season for shorts and floaty dresses. For every woman, it’s the time to review your hair removal strategy. When shaving won’t do, you can rely on waxing and wax strips which keep your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks.What does it have to do with your toilet? Unfortunately, if you’re not a confident wax user, you might accidentally drop a little bit of wax down the toilet. Horror: the wax hardens as soon as it touches the water. However, if you’re not keen to pick it up, you can throw a bucket of warm water down the toilet and flush it down with a little soap. It is gentle on your pipes, and it will help to dissolve the wax. 

The essential nappies and tampons 

You wouldn’t think of flushing down a baby nappy. However, if you’re using public restrooms and there is no bin in your cubicle, you might not see anything wrong about getting rid of your tampon down the toilet. Unfortunately, tampons are designed to be absorbent, which means that by the time your tampon reaches the pipe it might be too thick for the plumbing.

Nappies don’t belong down the toilet

The sneaky smoke on the toilet

You’ve probably heard the stories of teenagers who smoke in the bathroom and flush down the evidence. What harm can cigarette butts do? Unfortunately, they can dramatically affect the water quality. As cleaning stations may not be equipped to remove nicotine from the water. Additionally, the cigarette filter is likely to become soggy and gooey before merging with the rest of the fatberg. 

No, Mr Goldfish doesn’t belong down the toilet

A New York based waterkeeper shared last June the photo of a living goldfish that he found in the Niagara River. The 14-inch long animal – for comparison, it is bigger than your Subway sandwich meal – is thought to have been flushed down the toilet by a careless owner. Indeed, a dead goldfish can pile up with the rest of the fatberg garbage. However, a living goldfish can survive in the river for a long time, long enough to destroy the local wildlife. 

From creating gargantuan fatbergs to endangering wildlife, it seems we all need to attend a toilet training workshop. There’s a cultural misconception that things that disappear from your sight are not your problem anymore. In reality, our poor toilet habits are putting the planet at risk, even if we don’t see it. 

4 Surprising Things People Try To Flush Down

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