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What Would I Do If I Won The Lottery?

I am not sure about you, but Mondays are always the worst morning for getting up and starting the week.  Especially when it is cold and dark outside. This morning over my morning coffee it got me thinking about winning the lottery and what I would do if I won the lotto.


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While sipping my coffee I came up with quite a list of what I would do if I won.

1. Take a holiday


I would book a cruise, you may remember we did a trip on The Queen Mary 2 in November for our Daughters birthday.  This would mean as a family due to her health, we could get away and take in our win.  Plus spend some quality time together.

2. Health


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The next thing after 5 years of suffering a chronic illness with added complications, would be my Daughters health.  Getting her the best treatment and tests to try to make her better and be able to enjoy life.  Without the constant brick walls we currently face daily.

I would also donate money for investing into research of ME and Fibromyalgia.

3. Buy a plot of land


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One thing both myself and my husband have always talked about is buying a plot of land.  We would with the help of an architect build our own dream house, without buildings for my husbands hobbies.  We are also huge animal lovers and I would love to give forever homes to rescue animals.

Also being able to furnish our new home, with new furniture and all the other bits that make a home your home.

4. Family and friends

family and friends

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We would give to our close family and friends, so that they could enjoy life and share our good fortune with us.  Giving them chances to do things they could only dream of.

5. Shopping


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This has to be done, imagine the feeling of walking into shop after shop and not worrying about the expense or whether you really need it or can afford it.  Buying a whole new wardrobe of literally everything.  This would be my dream day out.  Plus the handbags I could buy which is my passion and am always drawn to when shopping.

6. Charity

Lastly, I would donate to charity, obviously I could not donate to them all.  I would donate to those charities that are close to my heart for various reasons.

This is as far as my list got before I had to get on with my day.  Do you agree with my list or do you have something else you would spend your winnings on.  Why not share with us.

What Would I Do If I Won The Lottery?

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