RED By Modibodi Review and Giveaway

RED By Modibodi Review and Giveaway

RED by Modibodi are the latest in must have period underwear and swimwear range. Which has been especially designed for 11-21 year olds. Helping you live a normal busy lifestyle without being stopped during your period. Read on to find out more about my RED By Modibodi Review and Giveaway.

This gorgeous underwear and swimwear is made with incredible technology. Making it 100% period proof at all times, giving you the confidence to carry on and enjoy your normal busy lifestyle.

Here in the UK, there is still a strong stigma around periods. And unfortunately the same still persists these days still.  Research has shown that almost half of your girls have missed a whole day of school because of their period, and 64% of girls have missed PE or sports due to their periods.

With this in mind RED are aiming to put a stop to period shame and are working with a young person’s charity to highlight alternative ways for young girls to manage their periods. The underwear is made from comfortable cotton and come in a variety of styles.

How does it work?

Made with a very slim material the Modifier technology can hold up to 20ml or 2 tampons worth.

  • The top layer quickly takes away moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells, so you feel dry and fresh
  • The middle layer absorbs fluid and locks it away
  • The bottom layer is extra waterproof protection, so you stay super secure


We have tried these and although sceptical at first found they did just what they say, these are especially great for C who has a chronic illness and sometimes just can not get up out of bed.  She liked the way she felt clean and safe in the knowledge there would be no leaks.

You can view the whole range at with prices ranging from £16.50.

RED By Modibodi Review and Giveaway

Modibodi RED

Good luck to everyone who enters

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  1. It has to be ice cream for me, or Aldi’s version of Magnum ice lollies, cheap enough to give me nights of comfort!

  2. I’ve gone from turning to comfort food to the exercise bike, it helps get rid of cramps and makes me feel better

  3. My go-to-comfort is coming home from work, popping on my cosy PJ’s with a hot water bottle and a bar of chocolate – the perfect way to ease period blues!

  4. My (body, well, head) temperature rises so it’s windows open during the night and fan on too, (mind you, this is all night, year ’round anyway!), but this rise in temperature results in me having migraines prior to my period. I’ll add an ice cold gel pack to my forehead and also one to the back of the neck too to help with migraines as I’m allergic to meds.

  5. I tuck my hot water bottle in the top of my trousers, so it’s constantly on my belly while I’m at work! I also eat lots of strawberries to get rid of the seeet cravings!

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